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182 Dakar watches on the wall*

Wyler’s official Dakar watch is a limited edition of 182 pieces which was the number of competitors in the first-ever Dakar Rally 30 years ago. * The on the wall reference in the title is to the 99 beers on the wall song. related links Wyler

A true Carbon Neutral Wristwatch?

Did you hear about the luxury brand that claims to be the world’s first carbon neutral wristwatch brand? Binda Group’s Wyler has gotten itself certified carbon neutral. What that means is that all stages in the production of the watch have been analyzed and have their carbon emissions calculated. This includes all energy used, all waste generated and all transportation required to bring the watches to the company‚Äôs headquarters. The resulting emissions are then offset through projects managed by the CarbonNeutral Company. The brand claims that this move is part of its environmental awareness and aims to maintain this approach…