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New Ventura

The new V-Tec Gamma is this year’s addition to the Ventura collection. It’s a larger size than previous models and features the same digital module Ventura is famous for including the EasySkroll interface. The model will be available from June 2012 onwards and is priced at approximately 1000 USD. related links Ventura

The New Ventura

SPARC MGS Analogue W 65 R1 SPARC MGS Analogue W 65 R1 SPARC MGS Digital W 51 S SPARC MGS Digital W 51 S Top view of the SPARC MGS Digital The newly relaunched Ventura finally revealed its Automatic Digital watch the SPARC MGS Digital along with an analogue version. The watches will be released in the summer and the relaunch features a new marketing campaign that focuses more on the founder Pierre Nobs than before. See below for a very interesting video presentation about the SPARC MGS as presented by Nobs himself. The founder Pierre Nobs sports a funky…


Braun and Ventura sitting on a tree

A few years ago, a digital luxury brand named Ventura went bankrupt and the investors behind the brand did a fire-sale. The brand’s founder, Pierre Nobs, managed to finally buy his assets back with the help of a few friends. One of these ‘friends’ was Zeon, the current license holder of the Braun brand and…

Mainstream Digital Automatic on the horizon

While the first and only digital automatic watches were pioneered by Ventura, Rado’s new autodigi is a hint of things to come. This is because the movement used in the watch, ETA E18.711, was designed and manufactured by ETA and I wonder if they will allow other companies to purchase the movement from them eventually (ETA is a movement manufacturer and they supply a lot of wristwatch brands). If this happens, we may see a lot more digital automatic watches on the market and who knows, you may finally see digital accepted in luxury wristwatches. related links Rado

Ventura is back

3 years ago, Pierre Nobs lost his wristwatch brand, Ventura, to a fire sale. (You can read the entire story here) He tried to win it back at the auction but someone else won the bid. What was worse was that Swatch group, the owners of the trademark Ventura in the U.S. (it’s the name of a Hamilton model), filed an injunction against the winner claiming that their contract of co-existance ended with Ventura when Pierre declared bankruptcy. Thus, not only did he loose the company but Ventura was now stuck in limbo hell. Pierre tried to move on. He…

The complete Ventura Bankruptcy story

Ventura V-Tek Sigma MGS Earlier today, I posted news that Ventura had gone bankrupt and while it had been news for me, I later learned that it shut down last year in November and little had been written about it except for a few forum posts scattered over the web. Ventura set itself up for the fall when Pierre Nobs, the self styled design entrepreneur behind the brand decided to forge deeper towards its goal of establishing a luxury digital brand by repositioning the company outside of the 1000-5000 Euro segment. In order to do this, they need capital and…

Confirmed: Ventura No More

Rumor has it that Swiss digital watchmaker, Ventura has gone down like the Zeppelin and filed for bankruptcy. Ventura was known for overpriced luxury digital watches and if there is any truth to the rumors, then I would love to see someone buy the company and make the watches a little more affordable since its price was its achilles heel. Update: This news has been confirmed. I wonder if Ventura is going to become a collector’s item now. You can purchase one from the remaining stock from here. related links Ventura: World’s first Automatic Digital Watch Ventura’s Creative Sparc Ventura