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The Titan Rises

Big. Giant. Grand – It’s filled up to its neck in indicators, orbiting satellites and a flying retrograde that measure time from a expected scale of seconds, minutes and hours, to day, month, years, a 100 years – all the way up to a 1000 years. The UR-1001 is massive.

Things to look forward to at Baselworld 2014

C3H5N309 Experiment ZR012 “Nitro” Watch Alright, the title should be singular – The solitary thing to look forward to (at least for me) at Baselworld this year. Revealed back in September, The Experiment ZR012 Nitro wristwatch is a collaboration between two of the most creative brands in horology – Urwerk and MB&F. They have come together to build a watch based on a movement created by a German engineer in 1957. The movement was notable for its eccentric rotary design and its also notable for its price tag – $182,000 USD. The timepiece will be limited to just 12 pieces…

New Urwerk

The UR-110 by Urwerk continues along with the Urwerk’s now trademark method of telling time where it uses orbiting cubes (they call them satellites). The time is shown on the right hand side of the watch and the cubes follow a vertical line, from 0 to 60 minutes. The watch also has two other indicators – one to aler the user when its time to wind it and one which tells whether its night or day. The watch took the Urwerk team nearly two years to create. We had previously interviewed Felix Baumgartner. You can read it here. related links…

Urwerk continues to impress

The UR-CC! is the first mechanical wristwatch to mimic the digital linear display. The linear time is displayed by two large cylinders. One for jumping hours and the other, a retrograde cylinder for the minutes. The seconds are also displayed by a rotating disk on the dial. The UR-CC1 took more than three years of R&D. related links Urwerk UR-CC1

Urwerk update

The UR103T is the latest update from Urwerk which is a creative collaboration between watchmaker Felix Baumgartner and designer Martin Frei. related links Urwerk

Interview: The man behind the OPUS V*

The OPUS V URWERK 103 Adnan Arif Editor When 31 year old Felix Baumgartner met Jeweler Harry Winston’s Maximilian Brusser at the launch of his designer URWERK 103 in 2003, he was already on top of the world. His orbital cross movement was already getting a lot of attention. But little did he know that his watch was just a prelude. Fate was plotting and unbeknowst to him, he would soon embark on his most inspiring and challenging assignment yet – The limited edition OPUS V, a watch with the world’s first “satellite hour” display. Much Recently, fate once again…