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Baselworld 2014

Here it is – This year’s fair is a personal milestone for me. I’ve been visiting the fair annually and this year marks my tenth. That’s like ancient in blogger years which should be reason enough for me to reflect and that’s something I will get to eventually but right now as I type this,…

Jeremy Scott x Swatch

Flamboyant fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who only popped up on my radar with his work for Adidas, has created three watches for Swatch that will be available at select boutiques. The watches aren’t my cup of tea but are the freshest styles Swatch has done in ages. related links Swatch via (Freshness)

The complete Ventura Bankruptcy story

Ventura V-Tek Sigma MGS Earlier today, I posted news that Ventura had gone bankrupt and while it had been news for me, I later learned that it shut down last year in November and little had been written about it except for a few forum posts scattered over the web. Ventura set itself up for the fall when Pierre Nobs, the self styled design entrepreneur behind the brand decided to forge deeper towards its goal of establishing a luxury digital brand by repositioning the company outside of the 1000-5000 Euro segment. In order to do this, they need capital and…