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Are you a Rolex or a Patek?

CNN recently did a simplified customer profile of what a typical customer for a Rolex is versus one who would wear a Patek Philippe. It was enough of a lightening rod to spark a mini debate in its comment section that was mildly entertaining: Mehren Adeli “Since when Rolex is compared with Patek? You can…

Rolex x Cartier

There was a time when Rolex would write down the name of the retailer on the face of the wristwatch and there was a time when Cartier used to sell Rolexes in their stores. Put two and two together and you’ve got a stack of antique Rolexes out there with the Cartier signature like this 1967 Double Red Sea Dweller up for auction that has a pre-sale estimate of between $25,000 to $45,000. Credit: Hodinkee for spotting this. related links Antiquorum

Customize Rolex with Flash

Jewelry Store + Rolex = Customized Rolex = Old News, but Jewelry Store + Flash Website + Rolex = Customized Rolex = Interesting. Bamford & Sons allows you to customize a Rolex Submariner like you would customize a car. related links Bamford Watch Dept