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Touch made Invisible

If you ever wanted to imagine a wristwatch from the near future when touch technology became more ubiquitous, this would be it – The feminine Rado Esenza Ceramic touch launching today at Baselworld 2013. All you have to do is to make a gentle press and sweep along the side of the case – left for hours and right for minutes. Oh, and one last thing, it’s the world’s first ceramic touch controlled watch. There will be six new models in this collection – three black and three white. related links Rado

Limited Edition Rado R-One

Standing out in between their regular line up at Baselworld 2012 was Rado’s new science fiction inspired R-One which i took an instant liking for. The R-One is an automatic chronograph that is limited to 300 units – Black High-tech Ceramic, Tron inspired blue luminous, a Dome-shaped sapphire crystal which covers a very interesting longer watch face and lots of references to teleportation in their press release in case you missed the science fiction angle. related links Rado

Baselworld 2012 – In Pictures

The halls that host Baselworld will be changing its look next year so you can spot all the on-going interesting new construction This year, like every year for the past five baselworld events, i will be covering the fair so keep on following the blog for the coverage. If there is something you would want me to cover, you can email me (wrist [at) wristfashion.com). Press Day – A day before the event, the press gets to roam the halls hunting for press events There’s always a lot of fancy displays – like this one where you insert your hand…

Interview: A Word with Rado

Matthias Breschan, President of Rado The new White Ceramica By Adnan Arif Editor All objects are designed, more or less. But what makes a brand a design brand is the thought behind the objects it creates and the stories it tells about it. Rado has always leaned towards high tech materials i.e. ceramics and despite its interest in materials, the brand has always appeared to be more in the business of preserving its product DNA than continuing on the direction it had set for itself. That is, until now. Their recent collaboration with designer Jasper Morrison, the introduction of the…

Mainstream Digital Automatic on the horizon

While the first and only digital automatic watches were pioneered by Ventura, Rado’s new autodigi is a hint of things to come. This is because the movement used in the watch, ETA E18.711, was designed and manufactured by ETA and I wonder if they will allow other companies to purchase the movement from them eventually (ETA is a movement manufacturer and they supply a lot of wristwatch brands). If this happens, we may see a lot more digital automatic watches on the market and who knows, you may finally see digital accepted in luxury wristwatches. related links Rado

Jasper does Rado

I’m not a very big fan of Rado but I do like this new model called the r5.5 by Jasper Morrison. It was first launched during the vienna design week in austria, and will be gradually introduced to the world market soon. related links Designboom: Rado r5.5 watch by Jasper Morrison