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The Reverse by Michael Young

British Designer Michael Young has teamed with Odm to create a ‘Reserve’ watch collection that reverses the position of the buttons to the face of the wristwatch to create a fresh new look. related links ODM Design

HK08: Michael Young + ODM Rumor

Designer Michael Young What started out as a short collaboration for an event has now evolved into a full blown relationship. Michael Young who had previously designed the Zen SV27-1 for O.D.M to commemorate the ten year anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to China is rumored to be designing some more for O.D.M. There is nothing to show yet but stay tuned. Previous Collaboration: The Zen SV27-1 related links The Zen SV27-1Michael YoungO.D.M

HK08: First Color E-Ink watch

One of the exciting new technologies in digital wristwatches has been the E-paper, a display technology designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. However, it’s application has been limited to just black and white colors even though E-Ink, the company behind the technology, has been showcasing a color prototype as recent as 2007. That is, until now – Hong Kong based O.D.M design just released the Filmatic II which introduces the first second generation of e-paper wristwatches. The watch still comes with just two colors but instead of the black, they’ve managed to substitute it with another…