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Cinco: Nixon Collaborators

Matt Capozzi of Cinco The Unit by Cinco for Nixon The RPM by Cinco for Nixon by Adnan Arif Editor There are a lot of new fashion watch brands launched every year but there are very few that truly breakout. Even rarer is a long term collaboraton between a breakout brand and a design firm that has gone from strength to strength each year. Such is the relationship between Nixon and Cinco. Established in 1997, Nixon was an attempt to reboot the wristwatch accessory market in the action sport genre. Watches previously sold in skate and surf shops didn’t serve…

The Real Story behind Nixon’s New Color

The thing about color plating a wristwatch is that there aren’t many colors that are stable enough to withstand the daily use of a wristwatch, so we are limited to gold, rose gold, black and most recently brown. Fossil found a way around it by adding a coating of rubber in order to get other colors but that’s about it. If you ever wanted to do any other color you would use other materials i.e. ceramic, rubber, plastic .etc. But if you ended up using the plating method, you would be doing it at the risk of the color coming…

Nixon Newton

Nixon’s interpretation of the double disc wristwatch. related links Nixon Newton (via Acquire)

Nooka & Nixon Concepts

French designer Lysandre Follet shows her love for Nooka and Nixon with his concept game watches that allow you to play pong, tetris and other iconic retro games. Lysandre’s work for Rip Curl during her internship. Unrelated to the whole game post but I thought I’d add this as well. related links Mini Groille