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Nooka Founder’s new art project

If you’ve heard of Nooka and have a special soft spot for the brand, you may be interested to know that the founder and designer, Matthew Waldman is currently using kickstarter, a website where people get their projects crowd-funded, to fund his art project titled – “A Fairy Good Project”. People who contribute get free prints or sculptures from the exhibit depending on the size of their contribution. We recommend you check it out. related links A Fairy Good Project

Interview: Matthew Waldman of Nooka

Matthew Waldman by Adnan Arif Four years ago, a frustrated creative took a chance and released two limited edition watches. Today, Matthew Waldman is the man behind Nooka, a fashion forward brand that has enjoyed a lot of love from the media and celebrities alike. He’s even featured in a new book called Design Enterpreneur by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. Recently, I got the chance to catch up with him: Wrist: When I first interviewed you back in 2004, you had just parted ways with Seiko and were about to launch a limited edition Nooka despite some skepticism from…

I did it for the Nooka

Put all the digital watches in the world in a lineup and you’d be hardpressed to find one that really differentiates itself. Enter the Nooka – A watch that tells time like you would read it naturally, not the way the local madarasa taught you. Instead of the traditional display, the minutes are in the large box, the seconds follow and a bar on top shows the hour and how much of the day is left. So all it takes is a quick glance. We adored the watch so much, we sent our men to “borrow” Matthew Waldman, the designer.…