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Folding digital screen for watches?

In their battle against the onslaught of the cell phones, watches have always faced a uphill battle due to their limited screen sizes. Well, they might just be able to overcome it – Samsung is showing off a prototype phone with a flexible Oled display that can be folded. Now imagine a wristwatch the folds into a larger display. related links Engadget: Samsung Concept Phone unfolds

Watch Straps that never get wet?

Researchers at the University of Zurich have developed a nanotech fabric technology that repels water. The fabric is made from polyester fibres coated with millions of tiny silicone filaments and when water falls on it, it stays as spherical balls on top of it until they are rolled off like marbles. So water can easily bounce off the fabric without leaving a trace. related links Nanotech Clothing can never get wet

Germ Killing Watches?

A ten week study funded by the copper industry has found that copper fittings such as taps and toilet seats helped reduce the presence of bugs like MRSA and C difficile. Even though the research was in the context of hospital wards, there is no reason why a copper wristlet couldn’t tout the same benefits. Read more. related links Copper fittings ‘all but eliminate superbugs’

New Watch Display: Philip’s Liquavista

Liquavista, a spin-off of Philips Research Labs, has launched a new type of display for information devices like wristwatches and cellphones called the ColorBright. Color Bright uses a patented electrowetting technology where a voltage is used to control a layer of colored oil. The colored oil covers the background and acts a layer that can be switched on and off to reveal numbers, text or even graphics. You also have the freedom to define what part of the display you want to cover with the oil so its flexible and the display can be made invisible by matching the background…

Watches made of super paper?

Now imagine buying a watch that is made of a material that is 10 times lighter and 500 times stronger than steel and it’s last name is paper. A little hard to swallow? Then meet ‘Buckypaper’, a material made from tube-shaped carbon molecules 50,000 times thinner than a human hair. Currently it can only be made at only a fraction of its potential strength, in small quantities and at a high price. Currently, researchers are predicting that it revolutionize light, energy efficient aircraft and automobiles, but I can easily imagine a high-end luxury brand jumping on the bandwagon. Who wouldn’t…

Plastic E-paper

Another new milestone for Electronic paper: A company named Plastic Logo has recently introduced an electronic newspaper prototype made of all plastic parts that can hold hundreds of newspapers. The paper can withstand all types of everyday abuse and is scheduled to be released next year. I wonder what impact would this have on watches.   related links BBC: The revolution of the paperless