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The Bitcoin Wristwatch

In the future, every new currency will need a modest entry-level luxury wristwatch to help spread its gospel or at-least to milk its disciples of their hard-earned “insert currency here”.

Arnold & Son HMS-Beagle-Set_Trio_2667x2000

Limited Edition: Arnold & Son’s Tribute to Charles Darwin

Arnold & Son has announced a trio of timepieces marking Charles Darwin’s voyage of discovery. It’s a limited edition series of eight sets of three watches. Each of the watches feature hand-painted miniature of HMS Beagle, the ship that took Darwin on his three survey voyages. The Beagle’s second voyage is best known for a…

Limited Edition Rado R-One

Standing out in between their regular line up at Baselworld 2012 was Rado’s new science fiction inspired R-One which i took an instant liking for. The R-One is an automatic chronograph that is limited to 300 units – Black High-tech Ceramic, Tron inspired blue luminous, a Dome-shaped sapphire crystal which covers a very interesting longer watch face and lots of references to teleportation in their press release in case you missed the science fiction angle. related links Rado

Limited Edition Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross new limited edition timepiece creates a circular radar display using three discs with a small protruding hand as rotating hands thus mimicing the look of a radar. Limited to 500 pieces. related links Bell & Ross (via Kanye)

Barb Berry

Burberry has launched a limited edition set for men and women this fall. The ladies watch is limited to 50 units and will retail at 800 USD, whereas, the men’s is limited to 60 units and will be sold at 1265 USD. I like both of them, though i think they should’ve made them part of their permanent collection. related links Burberry (via Trend Hunter)

Nooka x Kid Robot

Nooka’s recent collaboration wristwatch is with Kid Robot. It’s called the Koolabooration Zub watch and is available as a numbered limited edition of 1000 pcs. related links NookaKid Robot

Diva Gothic

Carl F. Bucherer’s Alacria Diva Gothic is a limited edition of 25pcs. It’s a quartz watch with a white gold case and buckle, 211 rubies and 82 diamonds on the case, 74 on the dial and 13 on the buckle. The asking price is $120,000. related links Carl F. Bucherer

New Limited Edition Jeager

Master Minute Repeater – Limited Edition of 175 Pieces All new limited editions from Jeager Le Coultre. Both watches are limited editions of 175 pieces and hand winding. The Master Minute Repeater comes with a JLC caliber 947 movement with a power reserve of 15 days, while the Master 8 Days Perpetual uses a JLC caliber 876SQ with a 8 day power reserve. Master 8 Days Perpetual – Limited Edition of 175 Pieces related links Jeager Le Coultre