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New Limited Edition Jeager

Master Minute Repeater – Limited Edition of 175 Pieces All new limited editions from Jeager Le Coultre. Both watches are limited editions of 175 pieces and hand winding. The Master Minute Repeater comes with a JLC caliber 947 movement with a power reserve of 15 days, while the Master 8 Days Perpetual uses a JLC caliber 876SQ with a 8 day power reserve. Master 8 Days Perpetual – Limited Edition of 175 Pieces related links Jeager Le Coultre

Watch unlocks and starts car

I was almost tempted to write “New Watch Does your Lawn, your Office Work and your Wife!” as the headline for this post. In this latest brand association between fast cars and hi-end watches (Think Breitling and Bentley) Jeager LeCoultre has collaborated with the Aston Martin on a $35,000 that unlocks and starts your $322,000 Aston Martin DBS. Sounds reasonable if you have the money to buy the car in the first place. related links Jaeger Le Coultre (via The Raw Feed)