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Street Artist meets Swiss Brand

Ikepod has always had one of its foot in the art world thanks to its designer Marc Newson’s prolific work in the field. This year, they go one step further with a collaboration watch called the ‘THE HORIZON BY KAWS’ with infamous street artist named KAWS. For those who don’t know Kaws, he is one of the few that have been successful both as a contemporary artist with his paintings and sculptures and also commercially with his vinyl toys and his clothing brand named Originalfake. He is most famous for his trademark ‘X’ symbol that he’s used to rework familiar…

Ikepod Hour Glass

Ikepod continues to pursue the collector’s market with its new hour glass by designer Marc Newson. The clock is a feat of engineering made using borosilicate glass and millions of stainless steel nanoballs. Borosilicate is a specialized and unusually durable type of glass. It is used in laboratories and aerospace applications because it is able to withstand high pressure and weight loads. Each of the hour glass pieces are blown individually by a glass blower based in Basel Switzerland (where else?) related links Ikepod

Ikepod Solaris

After twelve years, Marc Newson finally shifts to a new look for his brand, Ikepod, with his Solaris wristwatch. related links Ikepod (via Acquire)

Mazda Limited Edition Wristwatch

Mazda partnered with German watch maker Sinn Spezialuhren to create a limited edition chronograph that went on sale in Europe last year and even though this makes it a little old piece of news. I still liked the look of it enough to post it. It looks very much like a square rip off of Marc Newson’s Ikepod but it is also inspired by the car itself by referencing visual cues from the tail lights, door handles and air intake, along with a wrist band that has the same tire design as the Mazda Hakaze concept.