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The Hublot Masterpiece LaFerrari

Hublot’s new addition to the world of exceptional watchmaking is the all new Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari. It’s a hand-wound tourbillon wristwatch with an eyecatching line of 11 barrels interconnected together that discharge and give the watch its 50 day reserve which I’m told is a world record in power reserve capacity. If you caught the Ferrari in the name, it’s because its tied to that very car and the watch was developed alongside the Ferrari team, though I would suspect that their contribution was limited to the co-branding. Finally, 637 components; The vertical face in front shows the seconds and…

The new Hublot

One of the watches I missed at Baselworld: The La Clef du Temps watch by Hublot. Apart from looking science fiction, the watch allows the user to slow or speed up its movement (i was about to write speed up ‘time’ but that would factually incorrect :^)). Again, Ablogtoread has covered an interesting back story on the watch. related links A Blog to Read: Hublot La Clef du Temps

The things people do to sell watches

The brand Hublot didn’t really need to do this but it did and in my opinion, it was in poor taste – They featured a bruised mugshot of Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula one boss in their recent advertisement. He got the bruises while being robbed last month along with his girlfriend. The attackers stole his watch and a month later, he pedalled his mug for Hublot with a quote attributed to him – “See what people will do for a Hublot”. related links Bernie’s Exploitation Of A Robbery – Sponsored by Hublot Hublot

Hublot Limited Edition Skis

Luxury watchmaker Hublot, a recent member of the Louis Vuitton All Stars, has teamed up with Zai to create a limited edition ski called the Hublot All Black. Only 111 sets have been produced and they will be available exclusively through Hublot and Zai outlets. related links (via Born Rich)