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HK08: How to become a Wristwatch Designer?

The Attacher allows you wear your wristwatch on your belt or your bag if you are tired of wearing it on your wrist. Ever considering becoming a wristwatch designer as opposed to a watchmaker? Well, you may have an option now – The Hong Kong Design Institute’s Higher Diploma in Timepiece Design and Branding is one of the first programme designed specifically to meet the demand of the current wrist fashion industry. The course is a 3-year long. Do let me know if any of you are taking it. related links Hong Kong Design Institute

HK08: Hong Kong Design Competition

Every year the Hong Kong Exhibition puts together a designer competition to encourage local talent and one of the recurring themes in the designs, apart from the creative copy that accompanies each entry, is the attempt to latch the work upon any semblence of Chinese identity even though that is not part of the criteria of the design. Open Group – 1st Place – The Art of Face-Changing by Designer Koo Wai Shan The winner in the open category is the “Art of Face-Changing” which was inspired by the traditional Chinese theatrical masks. There are twelve Chinese opera masks of…

HK08: Phosphor

Phosphor is the first exclusively e-paper wristwatch brand. It was launched with a single model last year which was the first Analog / Digital E-paper combo and at the Hong Kong 08 Fair, they’ve extended their line with two additional models that should be launched by the end of the year. The creator of the brand is a former VP of Technology of Fossil. related links Phosphor

HK08 Brand Name Gallery

Sure, On paper it sounds all impressive – World’s largest watch fair has a dedicated section for brands which feature 125 fashion brands from 105 countries blah blah, but the truth is that most of them failed to impress. I did, however, chose to write about a select few:  

HK08: First Color E-Ink watch

One of the exciting new technologies in digital wristwatches has been the E-paper, a display technology designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. However, it’s application has been limited to just black and white colors even though E-Ink, the company behind the technology, has been showcasing a color prototype as recent as 2007. That is, until now – Hong Kong based O.D.M design just released the Filmatic II which introduces the first second generation of e-paper wristwatches. The watch still comes with just two colors but instead of the black, they’ve managed to substitute it with another…

HK08: Scott Wilson

In the world of watches, Self described modern design entrepreneur Scott Wilson is known for his Presto Digital Bracelets which were a phenomenal success, remain a best seller and have achieved iconic product status. Another of his Nike credits is the Oregon Series Watch Collection, associated with Lance Armstrong’s extraordinary career in competitve cycling. Wilson now works on design driven projects for major brands through his own MINIMAL design studios which allows him at the same time to work on design-manufacturing projects of his own, such as OOBA, his furniture line. Below are a few quotes from his keynote speech…

HK08: Largest Watch Fair turns attention to design

Sure, Baselworld is the premier watch event but the Hong Kong watch and Clock exhibition takes the cake for the largest watch fair with more than 760 exhibitors. Primarily a sourcing event for watch producers, the fair has come a long way in pushing forth the importance of design and branding for its local industry and at this year’s edition, they had American designer Scott Wilson headline the event with a keynote address, featured a record 125 fashion watch brands from 105 companies and showcased local talent via their annual wristwatch design event. Over the next few days, I’ll be…