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The Subcraft

I’ve always had a soft spot for 70s inspired lateral display watches and by at that extension, I obviously have one for the Romain Jerome’s more aerodynamic update of their earlier spacecraft watch – The Subcraft.


De Bethune novelties

The most intriguing novelty from the De Bethune stable this year is the oddly named Quetzalcoatl. The intention was to reference a portion of human history.


The Titan Rises

Big. Giant. Grand – It’s filled up to its neck in indicators, orbiting satellites and a flying retrograde that measure time from a expected scale of seconds, minutes and hours, to day, month, years, a 100 years – all the way up to a 1000 years. The UR-1001 is massive.


The Spectacle continues

HYT, the hydro-mechanical time-lords, added more novelties to their star line-up at Baselworld 2015, the highlight being the rectangular H3 version of their marvellous water based timepiece.