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Harry Winston Opus 12

For those who aren’t familiar with Harry Winston, every year the brand launches a truly innovative mechanical monstrosity that would leave anyone drooling. This year marks their 12th release which has been created in collaboration with watchmaker Emmanuel Bouchet and it really lives up to the hype of the series – The money shot in the watch is when the hour and minute markers roll 180 degrees. It is hard to explain the visual effect so the best thing to do is watch the video presentation at the top. The price is approximately $260,000. An amateur photograph of the watch…

Opus Eleven and other watches

The Opus Eleven The Opus Eleven (back shot) Every year for the past ten years, Harry Winston has been launching a special timepiece under the Opus series – each a collaboration with independent watchmakers that would otherwise not have the platform that Harry winston provides. This year, the Opus 11 project is developed by Denis Giguet which tears the typography of the hour when it changes creating a visual transformation that leaves you gaping. To get a better idea, check this video out. Other HW watches this year include: Histoire De Tourbillon

Harry Winston, Lamborghini and more

The Icarus for Harry Winston (Concept) We interviewed Nicolas Lehotzky, a promising young designer, a few years ago about some very impressive wristwatch concepts he had designed (You can see them here). Since then, he has worked briefly for a wristwatch company and now runs his own studio out of his native Switzerland. We followed up on him to see some of this work since then. The Icarus for Harry Winston (Concept) The Radeon for Harry Winston (Concept). Both the Icarus and the Radeon feature a minute hand that is held by a vertical support structure. The inspiration for the…

Talk to Me, Harry Winston

Harry Winston’s new self indulgent model is called ‘Talk to me, Harry Winston’. A little tacky but it definitely works as a marketing gimmick. The watch is a homage to Mr. Winston’s fetish for diamonds and the press release mentions how the words “Talk to me, Harry Winston” stamped on the watch moves around the case which I don’t know if it means that its stamped all around the case or that the ring actually moves. related links Harry Winston

Harry Winston’s first in-house movement

This Ocean Dual Time watch represents a notable milestone for Harry Winston – It’s the first one where they have developed their movement and assembled it entirely in-house at their new watchmaking facility in Geneva. The watch comes with a trigger on the left side of the case where one can click to switch from one time zone to the other. The movement is automatic and has a power reserve of 45 hours. related links Harry Winston

Interview: The man behind the OPUS V*

The OPUS V URWERK 103 Adnan Arif Editor When 31 year old Felix Baumgartner met Jeweler Harry Winston’s Maximilian Brusser at the launch of his designer URWERK 103 in 2003, he was already on top of the world. His orbital cross movement was already getting a lot of attention. But little did he know that his watch was just a prelude. Fate was plotting and unbeknowst to him, he would soon embark on his most inspiring and challenging assignment yet – The limited edition OPUS V, a watch with the world’s first “satellite hour” display. Much Recently, fate once again…