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The Hamilton Electric

Collector’s Weekly did an interview with Vintage Wristwatch Collector and Author Jeff Hess which includes an interesting anecdote about how he hunted down the designer of the Hamilton Electric movement: One guy led to another who led to another, and finally one guy said, “Oh, yes, those were designed by old Richard Arbib.” And the name came forward – Richard Arbib. I asked if he was still living, and they said, “Oh, I’m sure he’s long gone,” but not wanting to give up, I got back on the telephone. I started in Pennsylvania where Hamilton was, calling all around the…

No more Mr.Fancy Pants

This year at Baselworld, Hamilton went back to basics. No more cutting edge bulky science fiction inspired wristwatches but basic retro aviation inspired wristwatches such as this automatic Pan Europ edition pictured above. related links Hamilton

The Lipstick watch

The Hamilton Lipstick, a new watch that will be released during the forthcoming Baselworld 2011 (We’ll be there as well), is shaped like a lipstick and can be worn either on the wrist with a leather strap, a belt and or as a pendant. We like. related links Hamilton

More Hamilton

The Hamilton Ventura XXL Elvis Anniversary collection The HV XXL is a sexier update on the iconic Ventura design that’s been around since the days before quartz. The Jazzmaster Moonphase Khaki Base Jump Khaki King Khaki X-Mach Khaki GMT Air Race related links Hamilton

Three Timezones

A very sexy three timezone Hamilton watch that was just introduced at Baselworld 2009. It’s called the Doc-X02 related links Hamilton