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Guess Fall Collection

A good recession keeps fashion watch brands well-behaved – Guess’s latest fall collection is far more restraint and conservative than their usual. Below are a selection of models that color within the lines: Guess Eurosport W12621G Authentic Guess – W15062G1 Urban Casual W95111G1 related links Guess Watches

25 years of Guess

The G-Motion To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, Guess has brought out a few new pieces including the G-Motion which uses a digital display that tells time by changing the color of the stones on the dial. It’s been done before but this is the first time its available in a everyday fashion brand. w12594l1a – Python Chic W17529l1a – Python Chic w19516l1a – Python Chic w12601g2 w80036g1b – Guess 25th Anniversary Men 455554 – Guess 25th Anniversary Ladies w70011l1a – Guess 25th Anniversary Ladies related links Guess Watches

Guess goes Automatic

Sport Class Xls Callanen International, a subsidiary of Timex corp, continued with their mission to upscale some of their brands by taking the Gc collection from Guess one step further by including three new mechanical models. The automatics will be available by the end of the year and the expected retail price is between 3000€ – 3500€ The new GC Sea Automatic S-4 Lady Gc Mechanical Skeleton Sport Class Xls related links Guess

Latest from Timex Corp

Versace Automatic Swiss made Valentino with two collections – Homme and Prestige. Homme is Automatic. Limited Edition Automatic Guess Watch The latest from Timex’s stable of licensed brands. Timex currently includes Guess, Nautica, Marc Ecko, Helix, Opex, Versace, Valentino, and Ferragamo. related links Guess Valentino Versace Timex Corporation