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Kanye West rhymes Fossil

This isn’t worth a blog post but I was amused by Kanye West name dropping Fossil in his latest track: “I admit my first watch was a Fossil. Now I’m in the Louvre, lookin’ for fossils.” related links Fossil Kanye West Featuring Beyonce, Charlie Wilson And Big Sean – See Me Now

The Connecting Fabric

My earlier post on the Tik tok/Luna tik straps for the Apple Nano got a retweet by Bill Geiser who is a Vice President at Fossil: @billg: RT @wristfashion: Why the race for the next gen watch will be won by something that is not a watch http://ow.ly/3cqNI @wristfashion: @billg thanks for the retweet. I just saw your profile. you seem like you’re working on something very interesting. @billg: @wristfashion time will tell….no pun intended :^) @wristfashion: @billg honestly, i expected fossil to have been all over the next-gen watch category ages ago. @billg: @wristfashion it’s all about market timing….the…