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Paper watch

During Baselworld 2010, I spied a man walking around with this wristwatch in his shirt pocket. My curiosity peaked, I followed him to the Atlantus booth where I found out what it is – a rather unattractive paper LED watch called ‘Patch’. I am not sure if the watch is made of actual paper but it’s supposed to be treated with a special coating that makes it water proof and shock/tear resistant. The watch weighs just 11 grams and is priced at approx USD $34 which is a lot for this ugly watch. It may be the world’s first biodegradable…

New Watch Display: Philip’s Liquavista

Liquavista, a spin-off of Philips Research Labs, has launched a new type of display for information devices like wristwatches and cellphones called the ColorBright. Color Bright uses a patented electrowetting technology where a voltage is used to control a layer of colored oil. The colored oil covers the background and acts a layer that can be switched on and off to reveal numbers, text or even graphics. You also have the freedom to define what part of the display you want to cover with the oil so its flexible and the display can be made invisible by matching the background…

Plastic E-paper

Another new milestone for Electronic paper: A company named Plastic Logo has recently introduced an electronic newspaper prototype made of all plastic parts that can hold hundreds of newspapers. The paper can withstand all types of everyday abuse and is scheduled to be released next year. I wonder what impact would this have on watches.   related links BBC: The revolution of the paperless

HK08: Phosphor

Phosphor is the first exclusively e-paper wristwatch brand. It was launched with a single model last year which was the first Analog / Digital E-paper combo and at the Hong Kong 08 Fair, they’ve extended their line with two additional models that should be launched by the end of the year. The creator of the brand is a former VP of Technology of Fossil. related links Phosphor

HK08: First Color E-Ink watch

One of the exciting new technologies in digital wristwatches has been the E-paper, a display technology designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. However, it’s application has been limited to just black and white colors even though E-Ink, the company behind the technology, has been showcasing a color prototype as recent as 2007. That is, until now – Hong Kong based O.D.M design just released the Filmatic II which introduces the first second generation of e-paper wristwatches. The watch still comes with just two colors but instead of the black, they’ve managed to substitute it with another…