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The Ambidextrous Watch

Nooka has redesigned their Zirc series with a more classier edit in the form of the Zirc V. What makes this watch interesting apart from it’s display is that it’s intended to be ambidextrous. You can wear it any way you like because you can choose to have the minute bar run along the top…

Casio Design Language matures

The Casio G-Shock x Jason G-001 The G-001 is based on the famous DW-001 from 1994 If you’ve been following Casio’s recent popularity (and I’m not saying that they weren’t popular before), you would’ve noticed how their seemingly no-nonsense utilitarian excess aesthetics is currently trending very well in the global street culture market. Well, the brand recently updated their line’s design language by embracing their cult status and recent fashion trends into account by further playing up the details on the watches. For example the G-001 has a visible strap insertion. Well, it’s not an insertion anymore. It’s the added…

No-nonsense Elegance

Touch screen, elegant tilt display, vibration alarm, the Mutewatch (No spaces) is no-nonsense understated elegance for the iphone generation – it has a gesture based navigation where you swipe horizontal to scroll between timer, clock and alarm functions. To delete an alarm you’ve set – just pinch it and it will be erased. I hope this watch (priced at 199 Euros) turns to be as good as it sounds when it comes out. related links Mute Watch

Mainstream Digital Automatic on the horizon

While the first and only digital automatic watches were pioneered by Ventura, Rado’s new autodigi is a hint of things to come. This is because the movement used in the watch, ETA E18.711, was designed and manufactured by ETA and I wonder if they will allow other companies to purchase the movement from them eventually (ETA is a movement manufacturer and they supply a lot of wristwatch brands). If this happens, we may see a lot more digital automatic watches on the market and who knows, you may finally see digital accepted in luxury wristwatches. related links Rado

The Zayu

All new from Nooka – The Zub Zayu that supposedly uses a weight transfer to make the watch feel incredibly light (I will know it for sure when i get to test it out) and a ambidextrous design that wears well on both right and left wrists. related links Nooka

Scope 2

Another time telling device from the likes of Seahope, the Scope 2 tells time on a grid and I’ve admit I can’t figure out how it works as well. related links Scope 2 (via Gizmodo)

Retro Diesel

DZ7097, DZ7098, DZ7095: 80′s inspired digital wristlets All new updates from Diesel including an 80′s inspired addition.

HK08: Phosphor

Phosphor is the first exclusively e-paper wristwatch brand. It was launched with a single model last year which was the first Analog / Digital E-paper combo and at the Hong Kong 08 Fair, they’ve extended their line with two additional models that should be launched by the end of the year. The creator of the brand is a former VP of Technology of Fossil. related links Phosphor

HK08 Interview: Dogn

Recently there has been a trend towards digital ambient watches that play with the concept of telling time. Dogn is much more than that. It’s roots lie in a Norwegian concept to help people with cognitive disabilities who would have trouble reading time in the conventional format. Dogn takes that concept and turns it into an elegant watch that also syncs your calendar and maps your entire schedule on its timeline. We recently talked with Christian Barmen, the company’s co-founder about his involvement with the brand: Adnan: You don’t come from a background in the wristwatch industry so what inspired…

Confirmed: Ventura No More

Rumor has it that Swiss digital watchmaker, Ventura has gone down like the Zeppelin and filed for bankruptcy. Ventura was known for overpriced luxury digital watches and if there is any truth to the rumors, then I would love to see someone buy the company and make the watches a little more affordable since its price was its achilles heel. Update: This news has been confirmed. I wonder if Ventura is going to become a collector’s item now. You can purchase one from the remaining stock from here. related links Ventura: World’s first Automatic Digital Watch Ventura’s Creative Sparc Ventura