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Diesel Tracker

DZ4185 DZ7184 DZ1376 Diesel continues with its material/color mashups with its new military inspired ‘Tracker’ collection. related links Diesel Tracker collection

Interview: Jason Ice

Jason Ice The Braun – DZ7080 by Adnan Arif I’ve always had an affinity for Diesel watches so I could not believe my good luck that I was able to put a face to some of my favorite designs when I recently came across Jason Ice. Jason nests at Fossil and designs for the Diesel license. He was kind enough to talk to me about his work: Wrist: Part of Diesel’s appeal is that their designs are fresh in an industry where most brands are watered down licenses that play it safe. Most of the more interesting work done in…

The Anti-Fashion Fashion wristwatch

dz4160 dz5172 You’ve to give it to Diesel for being fresh with such consistency. This year, they made me do a double take when i first spotted the dz4160 shown above. At first I thought it was photoshopped. Renzo Russo, the man behind Diesel calls this – his company’s ability to innovate in stagnant fashion markets as the ‘Diesel treatment’. In a recent book, Wilbert Das, Diesel’s creative director, explained their approach further: “We’ve always been fascinated by things that are kitsch, colourful, decorative. Sometimes we refer to it as “retro-futuristic”, but that doesn’t quite capture it. We like to…

Retro Diesel

DZ7097, DZ7098, DZ7095: 80′s inspired digital wristlets All new updates from Diesel including an 80′s inspired addition.