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The G Pod

Watches are all about presentation and packaging, so it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at some inspirational packaging from time to time like the G-Pod which is a jewelry case by Designer Victor Vetterlein. It is made from black crystal and was shortlisted at a recent Swarovski Crystal Vision competition. related links Victor Vetterlein (via Dezeen)Swarovski

HK08: Hong Kong Design Competition

Every year the Hong Kong Exhibition puts together a designer competition to encourage local talent and one of the recurring themes in the designs, apart from the creative copy that accompanies each entry, is the attempt to latch the work upon any semblence of Chinese identity even though that is not part of the criteria of the design. Open Group – 1st Place – The Art of Face-Changing by Designer Koo Wai Shan The winner in the open category is the “Art of Face-Changing” which was inspired by the traditional Chinese theatrical masks. There are twelve Chinese opera masks of…