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Brand Spotlight: The Design Positioning of Nooka

When it comes to accessible fashion in the wristwatch industry, it is generally assumed that brands in this category are usually watered down derivatives. And that assumption isn’t too far away from truth. Most brands are the equivalent of value chains churning out trends from the upper strata of the luxury sphere. There is very…


The Most Minimal Wristwatch

The title sounds like an oxymoron. How can you be more with less? Mean Design Studios (Mean as in meaningful) answers that question with this prototype – A watch that looks absolutely minimal when looking at it straight, but shows the time index when tilted slightly.


Raising the IQ of your Rolex

Given the incoming waves of smart wristwatches, it isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine a more tech friendly wristwatch connoisseur tempted to retire his luxury wristlet for something more connected, right? What? Blasphemy, I hear you say? Well, let me stop you right there because here’s when I put up a small brushed…


Bell and Ross make a bike

The things they do to sell a watch – Bell&Ross, the purveyor of aviation dashboard aesthetics, have extended their current winning streak with a concept bike. Mind you, all jokes aside, I really do love the BR watch range and this is a very clever marketing move so I approve. From what I understand this…

Futuristic Watch Phone

The wrist is prime science fiction real estate and the concept rollerphone by Alexey Chugunikov makes good use of it – its a bracelet that tells the time, is a phone had as a transparent screen that projects on to your fingertips. related links Chugi via Design your Trust

Harry Winston, Lamborghini and more

The Icarus for Harry Winston (Concept) We interviewed Nicolas Lehotzky, a promising young designer, a few years ago about some very impressive wristwatch concepts he had designed (You can see them here). Since then, he has worked briefly for a wristwatch company and now runs his own studio out of his native Switzerland. We followed up on him to see some of this work since then. The Icarus for Harry Winston (Concept) The Radeon for Harry Winston (Concept). Both the Icarus and the Radeon feature a minute hand that is held by a vertical support structure. The inspiration for the…

The watch with the many faces

Usually when I see a concept wristwatch like Igor Chak’s “Watch oNe”, I dismiss it as vaporware because production costs and the required manufactured quantity to create an experimental e-ink display watch at this point in time can be discouraging. However, this one is ‘chalked’ up for a March 2011 release. The Watch oNe is the watch of the near future – It’s a watch where you can change the display on it according to your mood, sync new ones via a usb interface and download or create your own display. You can also upload it to an online store…

The Hundred Watch

The 0Hundred watch is designed by Car industry veterans Nicholas DiLoreto and Kort Neumann. It’s a concept watch and judging by the date wheel on the watch, this is definately would need a custom mechanical movement. There is no information available whether they intend to develop this into a finished product. related links Knot Design LLC (via Mocoloco)

Smash proof clocks

Imagine a clock that you can smash all you want and it won’t break. Keep Imagining because that clock doesn’t exist. However, Matthias Lange here, has come up with a prototype called ‘Smash’ that not only takes a beating but encourages you to by making it part of its interface. You have to punch it to stop it ringing. related links Matthias Lange

New Wrist Interface Concept

The iPod has inspired a lot of inspiring fan made concepts that are sprinkled all over the internet. However, I was intrigued by Gopinath Prasana’s version of the iPod where he had reduced it to a bangle. The bangle has a small air pump that fits the bangle on to your wrist so it doesn’t move and also has a vertical multi-touch trackpad that you can use to navigate the menu. The wireless in-ear headphone then uses audio to tell you the menu selection as you navigate. I don’t how practical it is to built an air chamber on a…

Phantom Watches

The untitled bracelet seen above is one of the winning entries by designer Husam el Odeh at the recent “So Fresh, jewelry award by Pierre Lang 08″ in Austria. There is a grown trend of phantom wristwatch bracelets and this is one of the neat ones I’ve seen so far. related links Husam El OdehSo Fresh Jewelry Award by Pierre Lang 08