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The Most Minimal Wristwatch

The title sounds like an oxymoron. How can you be more with less? Mean Design Studios (Mean as in meaningful) answers that question with this prototype – A watch that looks absolutely minimal when looking at it straight, but shows the time index when tilted slightly.


Early Smartwatch Prototype from Apple

Sometimes ideas take time to bear fruit like the electric car. In a book written by Apple’s first industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger, he reveals a picture of an early attempt at an Apple smart watch.

Tokyoflash’s Somewhat Open Design Process

I like the direction Tokyoflash is taking with its brand. For those who follow them, the online watch brand that churns out aesthetically unpleasant (seriously some of them are ugly) but geeky watches, you may already know that the site showcases some of their concepts online before production in order to test pre-production buzz. More importantly, they’ve started taking in open submissions that they showcase on their website such as this one by Olivier Demangel shown above that features a usb key and the ability to be used as a skype / mp3 device. Even if they never go into…

Magnetic Bangle watch

This concept watch design named the Revolve by Russian Studio Podvaal is a set of three bangles that stick together magentically. Each of them measure a different unit of time – One does the hour, the other minute and the last one does the seconds. Since this is a concept only, there is no information about how the watch would actually work though though we think e-paper would be appropriate for it and we certainly dig the separate magnetic bangle concept.

The Anti

The Anti is a simple customizable wristwatch that allows you to change the band easily. It exists as a concept only and was developed by designer Manuel Lopez as an example of a wristwatch that could be potentially manufactured in his native Argentina for the South American market and even though he conceived of it in 2006, it remains relevant as far as current market trends in the watch market. related links Anti by Manuel Lopez Revol

LCD layers in watches?

Designer Mac Funamizu came up with an idea for a cell phone / upmc that used two layers of LCDs together to create a sense of depth. No reason why we can’t do this on watches as well, is there? See below for images of his concept gizmo:

A Clock and a Stool

Tape Measure Clock Japanese Design collective, N.O.L have a thing for off beat clocks as you can see from the amount of concepts they’ve developed including two where they combined stools with clocks. The first concept is called the Tape Measure Clock that show the current time not only from the front but also from the side. The Dim clock The Dim clock indicates the time with LED behind the fabric. Felt Clock and Stool The Felt Clock and Stool is an unusual combination where the face of the stool can be reused as a clock. ho.ta.ru The ho.ta.ru stool…

Liquid Color

Yes, this is unrelated but it isn’t a stretch that this could be applied to watches. Portuguese designer, Luis Porem has created what he calls the RGB Rainbow Glasses. The glasses contain an internal channel where colorful ink can be filled in to create your own colors. related links Luis Porem (via Gems Sty

The Oracle Watch

The Oracle concept watches by Designer Andy Kurovets mixes time with Chinese philosophy. The philosophy in particular is I Ching and it is a symbol system used to identify order in chance events. You can read about it more over here. Andy adds a hexagram generator into the watch so that you can generate your own future. It is rather confusion and would require an understanding of I Ching. related links Oracle Watch

Samsung Tech Watches?

An article about the Symbian Smart Phone Show mentioned that Ho-Soo Lee, executive vice president of mobile solutions at Samsung, demonstrated his company’s concept of what some future mobile devices might look like and was quoted to have said: “Wearable devices resembling a wristwatch with a flexible display could monitor the user’s heart rate and body temperature, but still be capable of displaying real-time video content”   related links Symbian woos developers for move to open source Smart Phone Show 08: Samsung’s Future

World’s First DIY Watch

David Jones, an Australian professional electronics design engineer has created a scientific calculator watch that is assembled from off the shelf parts. He calls it the μ Watch (Micro Watch) and it isn’t limited to just being a calculator – It has a programming port, universal I/O port and optional infrared remote interface which lets you connect it to anything. According to him, it’s really a powerful general computing and control platform so if you want a watch that controls the TV, plays games or commands other user-designed devices, just add some software. Jones has released his μ Watch source…