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Guess Fall Collection

A good recession keeps fashion watch brands well-behaved – Guess’s latest fall collection is far more restraint and conservative than their usual. Below are a selection of models that color within the lines: Guess Eurosport W12621G Authentic Guess – W15062G1 Urban Casual W95111G1 related links Guess Watches

Focus on the Rhino

Flink Global Ink While most brands stayed safe this year, Marc Ecko decided to dip into tattoo culture by developing several japanese tattoo inspired watches including the Global Ink model. With the rest of the collection, the brand pushed up its identity by focusing on the rhino. related links Marc Ecko

Marc Ecko x Star Wars

This has already made the rounds on the blogs so I’m a little late to this, but Marc Ecko/Timex may be doing a Star Wars collaboration for the 2009 Holiday season. Since it’s mid October, I would’ve imagined it would be out now. On a side note: I’ve been following on Timex’s initiative to go high-end and I noticed on one of the posts regarding the Star Wars collaboration that Stephen Scholz was now the Global Brand Director for Timex. I remember him as the Brand Manager for Ecko watches at Callanen back in 2005 before Timex purchased the company…

All of Marc Ecko’s bases are belong to Timex

Pardon the title of this entry, it’s a reference to a hilarious internet meme. Anyway, Recession has been good for Timex. Marc Ecko, having incurred $170 million in debt, moved out of his $9 million office and sold his brand’s wristwatch license to Timex’s subsidiary, Callanen International. This move was further encouraged by Callanen’s previous experience with Guess where Fossil tried to snatch the license away from them. related links Ecko puts his HQ on market

Latest from Timex Corp

Versace Automatic Swiss made Valentino with two collections – Homme and Prestige. Homme is Automatic. Limited Edition Automatic Guess Watch The latest from Timex’s stable of licensed brands. Timex currently includes Guess, Nautica, Marc Ecko, Helix, Opex, Versace, Valentino, and Ferragamo. related links Guess Valentino Versace Timex Corporation