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Fireflies on my Wrist

We’re seeing a new crop of bluetooth watches coming up on the horizon that act as a go-between your phone and you. Most of these watches are intended to pure functional gadget watches which makes Kei Kei by Takemura Ori is one of the first example of future fashion bluetooth watches where designers will develop eccentric interfaces. The watch allows you to control your cellphone, get weather information and notifications with i-phone like gestures on a touch sensitive surface but you get your indications in the form of a swarm of fireflies that change their movement to indicate change in…

Casio Bluetooth Watch

Casio plays it safe and simple with its first next gen bluetooth watch at Baselworld. Since this is their first bluetooth product, the watch only does one function while communicating with smart phones – it automatically synchronizes with the time in smart phones so if your gps enabled smart phone automatically corrects its time zone based on where you are, your watch will too. related links Casio Fossil VP on the Connecting Fabric