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Baselworld 2011

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The Grand Seiko of 1960

As part of their 130th anniversary commemorative collection, Seiko has re-created three limited edition Grand Seiko watches that pay homage to their original Grand Seiko model in 1960. Grand Seiko used to be a special mechanical range that was only available in Japan but now its available worldwide. The Gold and Platinum editions will be limited to an edition of 130 pcs, while the Steel version will be limited to 1300 pcs. related links Seiko

Tagheuer Mikrotimer Concept

Tag Heuer’s new concept chronograph is the world’s first mechanical watch that measures and displays the 1/1,000th of a second, making it 125 times more accurate than most existing mechanical chronographs and 10 times faster than the Heuer Carrera Mikrograph 1/100th Second world first presented in Geneva in January 2011. At 1/1,000th of a second, a Formula One racecar at full throttle travels about ten centimeters. Over a 305 km race, this might not seem much — the length of a finger — but it is the difference between second place and a World Championship. related links Tag Heuer

Ulysse Nardin’s Freak

Ulyssee Nardin follows up with its Freak watch with the Freak Diavolo. The watch features a carousel tourbillion that also indicates the minute. #Baselworld 2011. related links Ulysse Nardin

Fendi Crazy Carats

The Fendi Crazy Carats The Fendi Crazy Carats collection introduces a new revolutionary ladies timepiece -a rolling mechanism technology that changes the gemstones with a turn of the crown. related links Fendi

Reveal watches

Apology for the poor image but i liked Elle’s version of the reveal disc concept. This has been done before but last year’s Vue by Yves Behar has set off a trend with Elle and Axcent bringing out their own version. related links Elle Time WF: Yves Behar and the Disappearing Hour Axcent

Doxa Grafic Mistero

Doxa stepped up their game design-wise with their nice clean new Grafic Mistero, though the readers at Hodinee aren’t too happy about it. related links Doxa

The new Hublot

One of the watches I missed at Baselworld: The La Clef du Temps watch by Hublot. Apart from looking science fiction, the watch allows the user to slow or speed up its movement (i was about to write speed up ‘time’ but that would factually incorrect :^)). Again, Ablogtoread has covered an interesting back story on the watch. related links A Blog to Read: Hublot La Clef du Temps

Omega Baselworld 2011

The Omega Hour Vision Skeleton Platinum The New Omega Ladymatic 425. New from Omega at Baselworld 2011: The Omega Hour Vision Skeleton watch and a Ladymatic with an updated band. Both of them use a Co-Axial Calibre movement related links Omega

Casio Bluetooth Watch

Casio plays it safe and simple with its first next gen bluetooth watch at Baselworld. Since this is their first bluetooth product, the watch only does one function while communicating with smart phones – it automatically synchronizes with the time in smart phones so if your gps enabled smart phone automatically corrects its time zone based on where you are, your watch will too. related links Casio Fossil VP on the Connecting Fabric

China drives Baselworld 2011

One of the things I noticed about this year’s fair was the amount of classic models. I chalked it up to recession and the demands of buyers for something more discreet, however, a reuters article shed further light: “But the watch industry is also being pushed into redeveloping classic models, encouraged by Chinese demand. As a result, many brands are re-fashioning old models such as Tag Heuer which last year launched a new version of its classic Carrera model, endorsed by actor Steve McQueen, which starts at 2,000 euros. “Chinese prefer classic watches, watches with a heritage,” Guy Semon, Tag…