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Paper watch

During Baselworld 2010, I spied a man walking around with this wristwatch in his shirt pocket. My curiosity peaked, I followed him to the Atlantus booth where I found out what it is – a rather unattractive paper LED watch called ‘Patch’. I am not sure if the watch is made of actual paper but it’s supposed to be treated with a special coating that makes it water proof and shock/tear resistant. The watch weighs just 11 grams and is priced at approx USD $34 which is a lot for this ugly watch. It may be the world’s first biodegradable…

Focus on the Rhino

Flink Global Ink While most brands stayed safe this year, Marc Ecko decided to dip into tattoo culture by developing several japanese tattoo inspired watches including the Global Ink model. With the rest of the collection, the brand pushed up its identity by focusing on the rhino. related links Marc Ecko

Tissot: Baselworld 2010

Tissot PRS 516 Chrono Auto Valjoux This year Tissot focused on two re-issues, some new variations of pre-existing models such as the Sailing Touch which is their touch screen version for martime enthusiasts, the release of PRS 516, a classic tissot case with an automatic movement and five smaller (3mm smaller) quartz variations and of course, the Visodate. The Original PRS 516 Visodate Automatic 1957 – Reissue Tissot Veloci-T (Gents and Ladies) Automatic Tissot Lovely – 37 Top Wesselton Diamonds, Quartz movement Lady Heart – Diamond Studded, Automatic, 3 ATM Sailing Touch – A new additional to Tissot touch screen…

Nautica Baselworld 2010

OCN 44 – 44mm Case The NST Yacht Timer II – 44mm Case The BFD 100 Multi: Diver wristwatch with a 50mm case New wristlets from Timex Group for their Nautica brand that were launched at Baselworld 2010. related links Nautica

The Reverse by Michael Young

British Designer Michael Young has teamed with Odm to create a ‘Reserve’ watch collection that reverses the position of the buttons to the face of the wristwatch to create a fresh new look. related links ODM Design

Yves Behar and the Disappearing Hour

The Vue by Yves Behar for Issey Miyake Yves at the booth The Vue Booth This is already all over the blogs, but I got to be the one who actually saw the unveiling before the show and then bumped into Yves Behar, the designer as he spent an entire day at the booth pitching the wristwatch to potential distributors. The Vue, if you aren’t familiar with Issey Miyake, is the latest in a line of watches that are released annually by the brand. Each watch is done by a prolific designer and usually features a design or stylistic feature…

Baselworld 2010 again

Hamilton hung a plane from the ceiling at the Basel train station Nixon at Baselworld It’s that time of the year again and as usual, I packed my bags for my annual pilgrimage to Baselworld. Over the next few days, I’ll posting up press photos, news and a little bit of gossip.