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Early Smartwatch Prototype from Apple

Sometimes ideas take time to bear fruit like the electric car. In a book written by Apple’s first industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger, he reveals a picture of an early attempt at an Apple smart watch.

The Connecting Fabric

My earlier post on the Tik tok/Luna tik straps for the Apple Nano got a retweet by Bill Geiser who is a Vice President at Fossil: @billg: RT @wristfashion: Why the race for the next gen watch will be won by something that is not a watch http://ow.ly/3cqNI @wristfashion: @billg thanks for the retweet. I just saw your profile. you seem like you’re working on something very interesting. @billg: @wristfashion time will tell….no pun intended :^) @wristfashion: @billg honestly, i expected fossil to have been all over the next-gen watch category ages ago. @billg: @wristfashion it’s all about market timing….the…

Apple’s unofficial wristwatch

The Tiktok standard strap kit By now you may already be aware of the Ipod multi-touch nano is Apple’s unofficial wristwatch – every day on the internet, companies are churning their own version of a strap kit for the device. The most recent and the best one proposed is by Scott Wilson which also happens to be the first one by someone who has previously worked in the wristwatch industry. I’ve three things to say on this: The Luna Tik strap kit 1. The wrist is prime next generation personal technology real estate. The technology to create that said next…

New Wrist Interface Concept

The iPod has inspired a lot of inspiring fan made concepts that are sprinkled all over the internet. However, I was intrigued by Gopinath Prasana’s version of the iPod where he had reduced it to a bangle. The bangle has a small air pump that fits the bangle on to your wrist so it doesn’t move and also has a vertical multi-touch trackpad that you can use to navigate the menu. The wireless in-ear headphone then uses audio to tell you the menu selection as you navigate. I don’t how practical it is to built an air chamber on a…