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Angular Momentum: The One Man Creative Army

Time Xplosion COLOR-TEC “Flying Horses”. The case was made from hand forged multi-color mosaic steel Martin Pauli, the Man behind Angular Momentum Very few people know much about Angular Momentum, the swiss watchmaking company that specializes in artisan wristwatches and what they don’t know would surprise them because AM is a one man creative team. Sure, there are a number of watchmakers that run their own brands but they peg their personalities on their watch brand and usually don’t have the scale of work that Martin Pauli has done. I recently spoke to Martin about his company and this is…

Mobiado x Angular Momentum

Swiss Wristwatch manufacturer, Angular Momentum, teamed up with Mobiado to create a companion piece to one of their wristwatches. Angular is known for hand painting miniature art on their watches and so they’ve created their own Mobiado 712MG Angular Momentum Edition Cell Phone with a similar hand painted art that takes inspiration from the japanese spirit of Mokume Gane which is a japanese method of metal working that was invented in the 1600s. Mokume gane is a Japanese term that literally means “wood eye metal.” related links Angular Momentum Mobaido

Day & Night

Angular Momentum’s new model, La Boulle Classic “Day & Night”, has a 24 hour self winding mechanical movement and a clever elegant dial that i thought was noteworthy. Probably due to the recession, these watches are only made on order only. related links Angular Momentum

Axis Souscription

Angular Momentum’s AXIS/XXXIV Souscription is a new single-hand timepiece and the 34th in a line of timepieces that uses their patented revolving disk movement. The watch was inspired by the Leriche Breguet, No. 2738 which was sold to M. Leriche on November 8, 1815. related links Angular Momentum

Coat of Arms

Angular Momentum’s new Coat of Arms wristwatch with a self-winding mechanical movement. related links Angular Momentum

New Angular Momentum

Angular Momentum Illum Aqua Angular Momentum has built a business around create off beat Swiss made watches that rely more on ornamentation than complicated mechanical contraptions. Their recent three include a illuminated watch, shown above, called the Illum Aqua that charges under light and needs only 10 minutes to glow up to 35 hours. The glow effect is achieved using ‘Èmail Lumineuse’ which is a fusion of enamel and a non-radioactive substance and is a in-house development. The watch is only available in Aqua blue and Pale green. Angular Momentum Axis Time Spiral The second is the Axis Time Spiral…