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The Evolution of Wristwatch design by Citizen Watches

I hear you ask me, why am I highlighting this Citizen commercial. One word – Because it’s simply amazing. It’s fresh and it’s clever. It highlights Citizen’s milestone in watchmaking while tying it to a larger brand narrative which they then sum into one brief statement – “Better Start Now” which to me, sounds like…

Suicide Wristwatch Ad

This is an old Vestal print ad that I had saved in a file somewhere. Probably the only Watch advertisement that depicts a fake suicide. :^) related links Vestal Watches

The things people do to sell watches

The brand Hublot didn’t really need to do this but it did and in my opinion, it was in poor taste – They featured a bruised mugshot of Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula one boss in their recent advertisement. He got the bruises while being robbed last month along with his girlfriend. The attackers stole his watch and a month later, he pedalled his mug for Hublot with a quote attributed to him – “See what people will do for a Hublot”. related links Bernie’s Exploitation Of A Robbery – Sponsored by Hublot Hublot

Tissot 1966 Ad

I’m usually not a big fan of most wristwatch advertising but I love this 1966 advertisement for the Tissot PRS 516 Chrono Auto Valjoux. They recently re-issued the design at this year’s Baselworld and I found myself taking a liking to this old campaign versus their new one. Related links Tissot

Tissot’s new global campaign

Tissot’s new global campaign supposedly captures real moments in the lives of ambassadors, Danica Patrick, IndyCar® and Nascar® driver, Deepika Padukone, actress, Barbie Xu, actress and model, Michael Owen, European Footballer of the year 2002, Nicky Hayden, 2006 MotoGP world Champion, Zhong Man 2008 Olympic sabre Champion and Huang Xiaoming, actor. The intention of the campaign was to show glamour shots of their celebrity spokespeople in real situations to show that Tissot was authentic luxury.

A word with Mr. Kobold

Fellow Watchaholic, Wrist Watch Review, had an interesting interview with Mike Kobold, founder of the Kobold Chronograph and Watch company: “What do you do when you’re 19, in a strange city, and hate school? While many of us would take to pizza, beer, and video games, Mike Kobold, founder of the Kobold Chronograph and Watch Company, decided to build and sell watches from his dorm room. “I went to Carnegie Mellon, in Pittsburgh, to get my graduate degree in Economics,” said Mike. “A friend of the family’s, a Nobel-prize winner, actually, told me it would be a great place to…

James Gandolfini, Accounts Receivables

Having previously worked in the U.S. watch industry, I know how planning an advertisement campaign is as much about reassuring and marketing to your retailers as to your customers, so when Kobold ditched their old ad campaign for a celebrity endorsement, they decided to have some fun with it – In the version (pictured above) they sent out as a press release, they had tough guy James Gandolfini sitting, with the description “James Gandolfini, Accounts Receivables, Kobold Watches” and a quote from the Founder underneath: “People in the watch industry always complain about cash-flow problems. I say: “What cash flow…