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Tag Heuer’s Baselworld 2015

The 2015 Baselworld marks a marked change for Tag. First, there was the smart watch announcement, then the new fleet of Ambassadors drawn from different fields of sports, fashion and entertainment


Bottle inspired Minimalism

Bottle is a not your typical minimal wristwatch by Nava, that is inspired by the typical beer bottle – It’s glass has raised nodules that are similar to ones found on the bottom of a glass beverage bottle. Industrial Facility, the design team behind the watch, noticed that there were often exactly sixty of these…


The Most Minimal Wristwatch

The title sounds like an oxymoron. How can you be more with less? Mean Design Studios (Mean as in meaningful) answers that question with this prototype – A watch that looks absolutely minimal when looking at it straight, but shows the time index when tilted slightly.


Concrete Watch

Former car designer, Dzmitry Samal, has been churning out eccentric glasses for quite some time now. Now, he’s added a limited edition swiss made watch made out of concrete. The pieces are limited to a 100 units and the price is 1240 Euros. related links Samal Design

Burberry Baselworld 2013

The Britain – Automatic 38mm (BBY1600) The Britain – Automatic 43mm (BBY1201) The Britain – Limited Edition The Britain Burberry goes back to the drawing board with their new introduction and introduces a new classic slash modern hybrid called the Britain. The range features four special edition self winding automatic styles and also chronograph, three hand styles in quartz. Plus additional sizes aimed at ladies. related links Burberry

Touch made Invisible

If you ever wanted to imagine a wristwatch from the near future when touch technology became more ubiquitous, this would be it – The feminine Rado Esenza Ceramic touch launching today at Baselworld 2013. All you have to do is to make a gentle press and sweep along the side of the case – left for hours and right for minutes. Oh, and one last thing, it’s the world’s first ceramic touch controlled watch. There will be six new models in this collection – three black and three white. related links Rado

The Alessi Grow Watch

Italian Architect and Designer Andrea Morgante has always been inspired by organic engineering, that is, the influence of shapes found in nature on his work. So when he was offered to do a wristwatch for Alessi, he couldn’t help but apply the ribbed look of a tray he designed previously thus creating a watch where grooves permeates through it entirely, from the bracelet to the case and then to the glass. The Designer His work Related links Alessi Shiro Studio

Issey Miyake’s New Watch

Every year for the past decade, Issey Miyake has released a single wristwatch designed by a prominent designer. This year, the eleventh new series is called simply, the ‘W’ and it has been created in collaboration with Japanese car designer Satoshi Wada. Satoshi’s design milestones include designing the A5 for Audi and a long history with Nissan. The watch is intended to be a minimal no-nonsense design and it features a quartz chronograph movement but has a second hand that moves instantly like that on an automatic watch with the same button click feel of an automatic movement. Those who’ve…

World’s first Solar GPS Watch

Billed as the ‘watch that understands time zones’, Seiko has created the first solar powered GPS watch that receives GPS signals and identifies the time zone, time and date data using four GPS satellites. The watch updates automatically once a day and also on demand. It’s named after the company’s 1969 predecessor which was the world’s first quartz watch. It will be released in the fall of 2012 with a price of around 2000-3000 euros. There will be five models with one special edition limited to 2500 units. related links Seiko

Trendspotting: Edited and Curated

UniformWares Void Tsovet Here’s a trend that I’m a big fan of – Singular vision indie watch brands. In today’s connected world of the internet where anyone can be a taste maker and curate images on their blog or tumblr, it isn’t too far fetched to have for-seen a trend of small indie watch brands that are more restrained, curated edits with a singular feel. Examples of this includes the logo-free UniformWares, the Digitally inspired Void, the Tough and ambitious Tsovet and now Autodromo – a more delightful restrained addition to the never ending range of automotive inspired wristwatch brands.…