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HYT Baselworld 2014

For 2014, HYT reached new versions of the H2 watch. For the uninitiated, The HYT is known for combining a traditional mechanical movement with a liquid indicator for the hours. The H2 is a more limited high-end version of the original model. There will be three limited versions of it for 2014. They’ve also reached…


A look at Linde Werderlin

A few minutes into my conversation at their Baselworld booth, Alex, the European distributor for the brand Linde Werderlin, fills me in on how the brand sold ten percent of its entire year’s production on instagram. This is a bit incredulous given that the average Linde Werderlin sells for a five figure amount. The most…


Omega Baselworld 2014

The greatest wristwatch story has got to be the one about the first moon landing. In July of 1969, two NASA astronauts became the first human beings ever to set foot on the moon. What they wore on their wrist has been the crown-jewel for Omega. Strapped around Buzz Aldrin’s spacesuit was an Omega Speedmaster…


Patek Philippe Baselworld 2014

At this year’s fair, Patek Philippe presented its first timepiece to combine a dual time zone with a chronograph which is cased in a Nautilus designed case. The Nautilus design was first launched in 1976 and was inspired by the shape of a porthole. Hence, the new watch is christened the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph.…

A typography watch

I’ve seen the H. Moser & Cie watch before and I came across it again this year and I must say that even though this is a simple pared down watch, there is something to be said for the typography of its logo because it certainly makes the watch. At least for me. What do you think? related links H. Moser and Cie


A Watch named Margot

Women are getting a lot of love this Baselworld. This time its from Christophe Claret. They’ve created a unique mechanical complication called Margot where the petals animate in response to a button, creating a fun memorable piece for those who can afford it. The price was not available but the watch is limited to 4…


Bell and Ross make a bike

The things they do to sell a watch – Bell&Ross, the purveyor of aviation dashboard aesthetics, have extended their current winning streak with a concept bike. Mind you, all jokes aside, I really do love the BR watch range and this is a very clever marketing move so I approve. From what I understand this…


Tagheuer Baselworld 2014

For Baselworld 2014, Tagheuer updated its line-up and released a new version of the Monaco V4 Tourbillon. For those who remain uninitiated, The Monaco is a tourbillon mechanical watch that you uses belts instead of gears. The first series in this range was sold in gold, platinum and titanium and now in black titanium coating.…


Bvlgari Baselworld 2014

The Bvlgari Roma commemorating 130 years with a 130 unit limited edition. 2014 makes 130 years for Bulgari and so not only have they updated their existing successful line-up with among others, an Octo watch featuring the world’s thinnest tourbillon, a special edition commemorating 130 years in the business and a new ladies wristwatch. The…

Things to look forward to at Baselworld 2014

C3H5N309 Experiment ZR012 “Nitro” Watch Alright, the title should be singular – The solitary thing to look forward to (at least for me) at Baselworld this year. Revealed back in September, The Experiment ZR012 Nitro wristwatch is a collaboration between two of the most creative brands in horology – Urwerk and MB&F. They have come together to build a watch based on a movement created by a German engineer in 1957. The movement was notable for its eccentric rotary design and its also notable for its price tag – $182,000 USD. The timepiece will be limited to just 12 pieces…


Concrete Watch

Former car designer, Dzmitry Samal, has been churning out eccentric glasses for quite some time now. Now, he’s added a limited edition swiss made watch made out of concrete. The pieces are limited to a 100 units and the price is 1240 Euros. related links Samal Design