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Braun and Ventura sitting on a tree

A few years ago, a digital luxury brand named Ventura went bankrupt and the investors behind the brand did a fire-sale. The brand’s founder, Pierre Nobs, managed to finally buy his assets back with the help of a few friends. One of these ‘friends’ was Zeon, the current license holder of the Braun brand and…

Apple’s unofficial wristwatch

The Tiktok standard strap kit By now you may already be aware of the Ipod multi-touch nano is Apple’s unofficial wristwatch – every day on the internet, companies are churning their own version of a strap kit for the device. The most recent and the best one proposed is by Scott Wilson which also happens to be the first one by someone who has previously worked in the wristwatch industry. I’ve three things to say on this: The Luna Tik strap kit 1. The wrist is prime next generation personal technology real estate. The technology to create that said next…

Paper watch

During Baselworld 2010, I spied a man walking around with this wristwatch in his shirt pocket. My curiosity peaked, I followed him to the Atlantus booth where I found out what it is – a rather unattractive paper LED watch called ‘Patch’. I am not sure if the watch is made of actual paper but it’s supposed to be treated with a special coating that makes it water proof and shock/tear resistant. The watch weighs just 11 grams and is priced at approx USD $34 which is a lot for this ugly watch. It may be the world’s first biodegradable…

Casio Design Language matures

The Casio G-Shock x Jason G-001 The G-001 is based on the famous DW-001 from 1994 If you’ve been following Casio’s recent popularity (and I’m not saying that they weren’t popular before), you would’ve noticed how their seemingly no-nonsense utilitarian excess aesthetics is currently trending very well in the global street culture market. Well, the brand recently updated their line’s design language by embracing their cult status and recent fashion trends into account by further playing up the details on the watches. For example the G-001 has a visible strap insertion. Well, it’s not an insertion anymore. It’s the added…

No-nonsense Elegance

Touch screen, elegant tilt display, vibration alarm, the Mutewatch (No spaces) is no-nonsense understated elegance for the iphone generation – it has a gesture based navigation where you swipe horizontal to scroll between timer, clock and alarm functions. To delete an alarm you’ve set – just pinch it and it will be erased. I hope this watch (priced at 199 Euros) turns to be as good as it sounds when it comes out. related links Mute Watch

The watch with the many faces

Usually when I see a concept wristwatch like Igor Chak’s “Watch oNe”, I dismiss it as vaporware because production costs and the required manufactured quantity to create an experimental e-ink display watch at this point in time can be discouraging. However, this one is ‘chalked’ up for a March 2011 release. The Watch oNe is the watch of the near future – It’s a watch where you can change the display on it according to your mood, sync new ones via a usb interface and download or create your own display. You can also upload it to an online store…

Mainstream Digital Automatic on the horizon

While the first and only digital automatic watches were pioneered by Ventura, Rado’s new autodigi is a hint of things to come. This is because the movement used in the watch, ETA E18.711, was designed and manufactured by ETA and I wonder if they will allow other companies to purchase the movement from them eventually (ETA is a movement manufacturer and they supply a lot of wristwatch brands). If this happens, we may see a lot more digital automatic watches on the market and who knows, you may finally see digital accepted in luxury wristwatches. related links Rado

The Zayu

All new from Nooka – The Zub Zayu that supposedly uses a weight transfer to make the watch feel incredibly light (I will know it for sure when i get to test it out) and a ambidextrous design that wears well on both right and left wrists. related links Nooka

Tissot: Baselworld 2010

Tissot PRS 516 Chrono Auto Valjoux This year Tissot focused on two re-issues, some new variations of pre-existing models such as the Sailing Touch which is their touch screen version for martime enthusiasts, the release of PRS 516, a classic tissot case with an automatic movement and five smaller (3mm smaller) quartz variations and of course, the Visodate. The Original PRS 516 Visodate Automatic 1957 – Reissue Tissot Veloci-T (Gents and Ladies) Automatic Tissot Lovely – 37 Top Wesselton Diamonds, Quartz movement Lady Heart – Diamond Studded, Automatic, 3 ATM Sailing Touch – A new additional to Tissot touch screen…

Let’s play a game

The L.E.D Eruidi L69-085OE-GSL The Nooka Zot Let’s play a game: One of these watches is a blatant rip off of the other, One of these watches just isn’t original, Can you guess which one is a copy of the other by the time I finish my song? Answer: It’s the L.E.D L69-85OE-GSL that looks uncomfortably close to the Nooka Zot. I spotted this at Basel 2010. L.E.D is designed by a automobile designer named Mr. Adolf Indermaur. related links L.E.D Nooka

The Reverse by Michael Young

British Designer Michael Young has teamed with Odm to create a ‘Reserve’ watch collection that reverses the position of the buttons to the face of the wristwatch to create a fresh new look. related links ODM Design

The Zaz

When I was a kid, there used to be a popular desk clock where the digits would appear on a see-through screen. Nooka brings back that technology for it’s latest Zaz model. The luxury model uses the ZENV movement which means the first two bars indicate the hours, the third one represents the minutes. The RRP is 395 USD. related links Nooka Zaz