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February 23, 2012

Trendspotting: Edited and Curated







Here’s a trend that I’m a big fan of – Singular vision indie watch brands. In today’s connected world of the internet where anyone can be a taste maker and curate images on their blog or tumblr, it isn’t too far fetched to have for-seen a trend of small indie watch brands that are more restrained, curated edits with a singular feel. Examples of this includes the logo-free UniformWares, the Digitally inspired Void, the Tough and ambitious Tsovet and now Autodromo – a more delightful restrained addition to the never ending range of automotive inspired wristwatch brands.



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April 17, 2011

New Alessi from Karim


The new Karim Rashid digital Kaj for Alessi.

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Karim Rashid

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April 14, 2011

I am not impressed


I'M Dubai

The I’m watch reeks of ‘Lets make an iphone for the wrist’. It’s a watch that allows you to make phone calls, listen to music and do everything you would imagine a mini iphone watch should do including having its own app store. The watch is currently set to have apps like Skype, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. There is no word about battery life and the watch borrows its visual language heavily from the iphone when it could’ve clearly avoided it thus making it feel like a glorified ipod nano knockoff.

The product is still very much a concept stage with a scheduled launch in September. Prices will range from a titanium model at 599€ to the most expensive white gold & diamonds model at 14,999€. I am not impressed.

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Im watch

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March 31, 2011

Casio Bluetooth Watch


Casio plays it safe and simple with its first next gen bluetooth watch at Baselworld. Since this is their first bluetooth product, the watch only does one function while communicating with smart phones – it automatically synchronizes with the time in smart phones so if your gps enabled smart phone automatically corrects its time zone based on where you are, your watch will too.

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March 30, 2011

The Golfer Watch


What is the dream of every golfer? To access information that will measure the distance to the green, front edge or centre, in both metres and yards with the click of a button. Well, The Hercules “Golf Master” from Reconvilier and its integrated GPS application allows you to do just that.

Not only that, the watch has a dual personality – It has a “Rotar” reversing mechanism that allows the digital movement to be hidden behind an automatic watch for when you aren’t golfing.

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The New Ventura


SPARC MGS Analogue W 65 R1


SPARC MGS Analogue W 65 R1


SPARC MGS Digital W 51 S


SPARC MGS Digital W 51 S


Top view of the SPARC MGS Digital

The newly relaunched Ventura finally revealed its Automatic Digital watch the SPARC MGS Digital along with an analogue version. The watches will be released in the summer and the relaunch features a new marketing campaign that focuses more on the founder Pierre Nobs than before. See below for a very interesting video presentation about the SPARC MGS as presented by Nobs himself.


The founder Pierre Nobs sports a funky pair of custom glasses in the new Ventura video

VENT ENGLISH from the web worker company on Vimeo.

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March 26, 2011

Braun and Ventura sitting on a tree



A few years ago, a digital luxury brand named Ventura went bankrupt and the investors behind the brand did a fire-sale. The brand’s founder, Pierre Nobs, managed to finally buy his assets back with the help of a few friends. One of these ‘friends’ was Zeon, the current license holder of the Braun brand and current majority shareholder in Ventura, has used Pierre’s Ventura design DNA to bring some life into their Braun brand with its patented scroll wheel, digital display font and possibly the same OS. We like this direction and hope they also change the rest of the line as well. Approximate price for this watch could be up to USD 600.

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November 19, 2010

Apple’s unofficial wristwatch



The Tiktok standard strap kit

By now you may already be aware of the Ipod multi-touch nano is Apple’s unofficial wristwatch – every day on the internet, companies are churning their own version of a strap kit for the device. The most recent and the best one proposed is by Scott Wilson which also happens to be the first one by someone who has previously worked in the wristwatch industry. I’ve three things to say on this:


The Luna Tik strap kit

1. The wrist is prime next generation personal technology real estate. The technology to create that said next generation wristwatch is already here. The only thing that is keeping it from getting to market is the economics of building it. Traditional wristwatch companies either do not have the incentive to build because they would entering the electronics market which is riskier – higher minimum order quantity, more design investment.etc, or don’t care. So it’s either going to be a new company of dreamers like Cognitime or Mutewatch taking the risk or someone’s going to make a small enough device that others are going to build straps for and that is what the untapped potential of the ipod is.

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November 18, 2010

Paper watch


During Baselworld 2010, I spied a man walking around with this wristwatch in his shirt pocket. My curiosity peaked, I followed him to the Atlantus booth where I found out what it is – a rather unattractive paper LED watch called ‘Patch’. I am not sure if the watch is made of actual paper but it’s supposed to be treated with a special coating that makes it water proof and shock/tear resistant. The watch weighs just 11 grams and is priced at approx USD $34 which is a lot for this ugly watch.

It may be the world’s first biodegradable watch but I’d only reconsider it if it got a face lift.

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Patch Watch

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November 15, 2010

Casio Design Language matures


The Casio G-Shock x Jason G-001


The G-001 is based on the famous DW-001 from 1994


If you’ve been following Casio’s recent popularity (and I’m not saying that they weren’t popular before), you would’ve noticed how their seemingly no-nonsense utilitarian excess aesthetics is currently trending very well in the global street culture market.

Well, the brand recently updated their line’s design language by embracing their cult status and recent fashion trends into account by further playing up the details on the watches. For example the G-001 has a visible strap insertion. Well, it’s not an insertion anymore. It’s the added curve underneath the case that curves on to your wrist. Usually, this is a metal or plastic insertion that curves the strap on to your wrist or the curve is part of the case design. However, in the G-001, they aren’t hiding it, instead they’re using it as a design feature.

Then there’s the perforated insert inside the strap and the details on the back of the case that I simply adore. Other similarly enhanced models include the new large GX56-1A and the GA110B-2 that are seen below.



The Casio G-001


The Casio GX56-1A


The Casio GA110B-2

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Casio G-Shock Jason G-001 watch

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