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Bvlgari’s Smart Watch

Another luxury brand entering ‘smart’ foray is Bvlgari with its Diagono Magnesium. This time it’s on the security spectrum of the digital revolution.


Heart Rate Monitoring Wristwatch

From the ashes of Nokia, comes PulseOn. A spinoff of Nokia’s contribution to the new health wristlet market in the form of a heart rate monitoring wristwatch that’s more accurate than the current crop available in the market. Founded by Tero Mennader, the patented technology for the wristwatch was developed while he worked at Nokia…


Raising the IQ of your Rolex

Given the incoming waves of smart wristwatches, it isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine a more tech friendly wristwatch connoisseur tempted to retire his luxury wristlet for something more connected, right? What? Blasphemy, I hear you say? Well, let me stop you right there because here’s when I put up a small brushed…


The Ambidextrous Watch

Nooka has redesigned their Zirc series with a more classier edit in the form of the Zirc V. What makes this watch interesting apart from it’s display is that it’s intended to be ambidextrous. You can wear it any way you like because you can choose to have the minute bar run along the top…


A look at Linde Werderlin

A few minutes into my conversation at their Baselworld booth, Alex, the European distributor for the brand Linde Werderlin, fills me in on how the brand sold ten percent of its entire year’s production on instagram. This is a bit incredulous given that the average Linde Werderlin sells for a five figure amount. The most…

New Ventura

The new V-Tec Gamma is this year’s addition to the Ventura collection. It’s a larger size than previous models and features the same digital module Ventura is famous for including the EasySkroll interface. The model will be available from June 2012 onwards and is priced at approximately 1000 USD. related links Ventura

Trendspotting: Edited and Curated

UniformWares Void Tsovet Here’s a trend that I’m a big fan of – Singular vision indie watch brands. In today’s connected world of the internet where anyone can be a taste maker and curate images on their blog or tumblr, it isn’t too far fetched to have for-seen a trend of small indie watch brands that are more restrained, curated edits with a singular feel. Examples of this includes the logo-free UniformWares, the Digitally inspired Void, the Tough and ambitious Tsovet and now Autodromo – a more delightful restrained addition to the never ending range of automotive inspired wristwatch brands.…

I am not impressed

The I’m watch reeks of ‘Lets make an iphone for the wrist’. It’s a watch that allows you to make phone calls, listen to music and do everything you would imagine a mini iphone watch should do including having its own app store. The watch is currently set to have apps like Skype, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. There is no word about battery life and the watch borrows its visual language heavily from the iphone when it could’ve clearly avoided it thus making it feel like a glorified ipod nano knockoff. The product is still very much a concept stage…

Casio Bluetooth Watch

Casio plays it safe and simple with its first next gen bluetooth watch at Baselworld. Since this is their first bluetooth product, the watch only does one function while communicating with smart phones – it automatically synchronizes with the time in smart phones so if your gps enabled smart phone automatically corrects its time zone based on where you are, your watch will too. related links Casio Fossil VP on the Connecting Fabric

The Golfer Watch

What is the dream of every golfer? To access information that will measure the distance to the green, front edge or centre, in both metres and yards with the click of a button. Well, The Hercules “Golf Master” from Reconvilier and its integrated GPS application allows you to do just that. Not only that, the watch has a dual personality – It has a “Rotar” reversing mechanism that allows the digital movement to be hidden behind an automatic watch for when you aren’t golfing. related links Reconvilier

The New Ventura

SPARC MGS Analogue W 65 R1 SPARC MGS Analogue W 65 R1 SPARC MGS Digital W 51 S SPARC MGS Digital W 51 S Top view of the SPARC MGS Digital The newly relaunched Ventura finally revealed its Automatic Digital watch the SPARC MGS Digital along with an analogue version. The watches will be released in the summer and the relaunch features a new marketing campaign that focuses more on the founder Pierre Nobs than before. See below for a very interesting video presentation about the SPARC MGS as presented by Nobs himself. The founder Pierre Nobs sports a funky…