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Basel World 2006

The BaselWorld Opening Press Conference Another Year, Another Basel World. We’re currently at Basel, Switzerland covering the watch world’s annual pilgrimage to the Swiss Mecca of Watches – Basel World 2006. Over the next 24 hours we will be posting images and news from the exhibition so stay tuned.

2006 Weblog Awards

Ahoy Mates! If you’re a regular reader of Wrist Fashion and think we deserve a nomination at this year’s Weblog awards, then hop over to the bloggies website and nominate us. related links 2006 Bloggies Award

Hong Kong Watch & Clock Exhibition 2005

I’m typing this entry from the business lounge of an airport with half hour to spare before I board my flight to Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Exhibition (the second largest watch exhibition even though it isn’t as prolific as the Basel one), which means I’ll covering this year’s exhibition. Stay tuned.

July’s Top Five

It’s the end of the month and here are July’s top five posts in our RSS feed (This month’s total RSS requests are 47904) . We don’t have a similar post tracking system for regular web traffic to the site : 1. They Buy the Story 2. Fawaz’s Power Breaker 3. Personal Attachment Devices 4. Speedy Vuitton 5. The Nurse Watch To read the rest of July’s archive, click here or if you’re interested in subscribing to our feed and have no idea how, then click here.

Basel Blues

So my physiatrist stares at me, twirls his pen and finally says something. “You’re telling me that you went on this trip to .. “ “Basel” “Yes, that, … the biggest watch exhibition and you say that you slept ate and drank watches non-stop for five days… and when you got back you were so overwhelmed with writing about it that you didn’t bother… in fact you pretty much stopped writing regularly and the post still hangs in your head haunting you…” “Yeah” “Did I get it all?” “Yea” “And you want me to help you..?” “Get over the guilt…

Time to break into a song and dance

Wrist Fashion has been nominated as one of the finalists in the blog category (Sites that revolutionize the power of publishing by providing regularly updated content of a personal or professional nature) at this year’s SXSW Web Awards. related links 2005 SXSW Web Finalists

We Heart Nooka

Nooka’s Matthew Waldman was nice enough to send in a model of his watch. While we hope this becomes the norm around here, what I didn’t expect, was to fall in love with it. I’ve never been very big on Digital before, but you will currently find the Nooka adorning my left wrist, while the right sports my beloved Lange. I know its strange to wear two watches, but eccentric editors of obsessive wrist watch websites do need to stand out while rigourously testing them for future writeups. Also, Mister/Miss Reader, We’re toying with the idea of having a small…

Sensory Impact down

As is customary by now, Sensory Impact is down yet again this week due to lack of bandwidth, and the hosting service just doesn’t have the system in place to respond to it. UPDATE: This is very infuriating. I’ve been sending a ton of emails every day to our hosting service, and haven’t heard a word from them. Looks like the site might be down for a whole week. UPDATE: The site is back up, but only because its a new month.

Announcement: Show Coverage

If you’re mildly interested in watches, you might have heard about Basel, the premier show for watches, well, this is the other big one – The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Exhibition with up to 800 exhibitors from 15 countries or regions and we’ll be there to cover it blow by blow. Its going to be from September 1st to the 5th so stay tuned for daily reports.

Edtior’s Note: Permalinks changed

I’ve changed the permalinks on the site. So instead of every page ending in .html, it won’t need one. I had initially done it to help with the transition from our old blogger setup, however, because of it the archives were inaccessible. So, please update your links if you were previously linking to a particular post.