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More Phantom Watches

Another Phantom watch bracelet. This time from the minds of Levi Maestro and Shayan Afshar. related links Maestro Knows Phantom Watches Retro watch inspired jewelry

Paper Casio

Beautiful papercraft model of a Casio wristwatch. related links Paper Casio (via Unplggd)

Retro watch inspired jewelry

We’ve seen these type of phantom watches before – bracelets that references wristwatch aesthetics but this is the first one that references the retro casio look. Designed by Denise Julia Reytan, the jewelry is called the T1mepeace and it retails for between 139-149 euros. related links Reytan: T1mepeace

Tissot 1966 Ad

I’m usually not a big fan of most wristwatch advertising but I love this 1966 advertisement for the Tissot PRS 516 Chrono Auto Valjoux. They recently re-issued the design at this year’s Baselworld and I found myself taking a liking to this old campaign versus their new one. Related links Tissot

Long Lost Brothers

Christian Audigier’s special edition Jovial’s new baby Both these brands are not interested in ripping each other off. Both these brands got the same watch, so what’s going on? related links Christian Audigier Jovial

Rolex x Cartier

There was a time when Rolex would write down the name of the retailer on the face of the wristwatch and there was a time when Cartier used to sell Rolexes in their stores. Put two and two together and you’ve got a stack of antique Rolexes out there with the Cartier signature like this 1967 Double Red Sea Dweller up for auction that has a pre-sale estimate of between $25,000 to $45,000. Credit: Hodinkee for spotting this. related links Antiquorum

This is more than a wristwatch

If the Onion, the fake news humor site, wrote a parody of a wristwatch press release, this would be it: In a world of constant reflection on the past and constant worry about what tomorrow may bring, the main goal of the Now is the Time wristwatch is to inspire timekeepers to live in the only moment that matters – right now. Void of numbers, the Now is the Time wristwatch is instead filled with a uniquely inspirational message. In place of the missing digits, the words “Now is the Time” are laid out in typical clocklike fashion. “This is…

Ulysse Nardin’s Mechanical Phone

Ulysse Nardin’s puts a new spin on the luxury phone trend by creating a phone that requires a mechanical rotor to power it just like your mechanical watch. There are no details yet but they intend to reveal it during the upcoming Baselworld 2009 which I’ll be covering in detail. related links Ulysee Nardin

One A Day Calendar

A calendar made with cod liver oil tablets. Pop out a tablet every day for a healthy life. related links Dominic Wilcox

Hublot Limited Edition Skis

Luxury watchmaker Hublot, a recent member of the Louis Vuitton All Stars, has teamed up with Zai to create a limited edition ski called the Hublot All Black. Only 111 sets have been produced and they will be available exclusively through Hublot and Zai outlets. related links (via Born Rich)

Wristwatch Installation

Artist Ignacio Uriarte has created an art installation that shows a time-lapse of 60 seconds. Here’s how it works – 60 watches are attached to each other like a circle. They are adjusted to the local time except for one difference – each one is one second ahead of the previous watch. So time flows at a speed of one circle per minute and when an hour passes by, a beep tone goes around the circle, jumping from one watch to the next.

Bell on Wrist

Here’s a cheeky product idea by a design group called the Poor Life – Since watches are on the decline due to the rise of the cell phone, they’ve suggested a product called PRZEPRASZAM that is a bicycle bell attached to your wrist so you can use it to get people to move out of the way as you walk down the street. related links Przepraszam