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HK08 Brand Name Gallery

Sure, On paper it sounds all impressive – World’s largest watch fair has a dedicated section for brands which feature 125 fashion brands from 105 countries blah blah, but the truth is that most of them failed to impress. I did, however, chose to write about a select few:  

HK08: Scott Wilson

In the world of watches, Self described modern design entrepreneur Scott Wilson is known for his Presto Digital Bracelets which were a phenomenal success, remain a best seller and have achieved iconic product status. Another of his Nike credits is the Oregon Series Watch Collection, associated with Lance Armstrong’s extraordinary career in competitve cycling. Wilson now works on design driven projects for major brands through his own MINIMAL design studios which allows him at the same time to work on design-manufacturing projects of his own, such as OOBA, his furniture line. Below are a few quotes from his keynote speech…

HK08: Largest Watch Fair turns attention to design

Sure, Baselworld is the premier watch event but the Hong Kong watch and Clock exhibition takes the cake for the largest watch fair with more than 760 exhibitors. Primarily a sourcing event for watch producers, the fair has come a long way in pushing forth the importance of design and branding for its local industry and at this year’s edition, they had American designer Scott Wilson headline the event with a keynote address, featured a record 125 fashion watch brands from 105 companies and showcased local talent via their annual wristwatch design event. Over the next few days, I’ll be…

Random Basel

Chalk graffiti greeted visitors on Saturday morning through out the hall with messages referring to Blood Diamonds, Tibet and the prostitution of Basel. The best was the mock protest sign that read – Time Kills! Baselworld was overbooked this year so brands like Casio, Kenzo, H Stern etc. had a seperate tent with an extended lounge for visitors to relax in The Swarovski section in the extension. The lights on the ground are actually spotlit jewelry Themed car parked outside for Havana inspired swiss made brand, Cuervo Sobrino. Btw, the coverage continues till the 10th so stay tuned. related links…

Saint Honore at Baselworld 08

Gala Monceau Manside Monceau Classic (Ladies) Euphoria Chronograph Haussman White Diamond Haussman Diving Watch   related links   Baselworld 2008 Saint Honore


Little known Callanen International may be based in Norwalk, Connecticut but the company is a major part of Timex’s bid to ‘upgrade’ it’s portfolio of brands. Let me reiterate, If you haven’t caught on yet, Callanen is owned by Timex and they make Guess, GC, Marc Ecko Watches, Nautica and now Helix, their new water sport brand. Below are some of the latest models from the company: NMX300-1 (Nautica) NMX300-3 (Nautica) NVL100-2 (Nautica) NVL100-1 (Nautica) O Deep (Helix) Wing (Helix) Master of Possibilities (Marc Ecko) Vice (Marc Ecko) related links Baselworld 2008 Marc Ecko Watches Nautica Watches Helix Watches

De Grisogono Launch Party

Pictures for the De Grisogono Booth Launch party Fawaz Gruosi himself (The man behind De Grisogono) The new watch from De Grisogono. I’ll have a clearer image up by tonight or tomorrow related links De Grisogono Baselworld 2008

Baselworld 2008

It’s April the 2nd. One day before the 2008 edition of Baselworld is set to go off. It’s eerily calm as Oompa-Loopas hurry around putting the final touches to the impressive booths that are the equivalent to shrines for some of the brands trying to finish up for the annual pilgrimage of customers, press and other curious onlookers to the world’s largest watch fair. And just like every year, I got to take a look around: New booths scatter through out the fair this year with brands like Villemont making their debut The new Oakley booth. Admiring the booth design…

Basel 2006: Our Photo Diary

The Basel 2006 Opening Conference The Ventura makes an apperance Tagheur Dennis Rodman was on hand signing autographs on behalf of Von Dutch watches. Mondaine’s jab at fellow brands: “The World’s best watch is useless, if you can’t read the time.” Marc Jacob launched their first watch collection courtesy of a licensing agreement with Fossil. We’ve got a first hand preview of the watches and we hope to writing about them soon Callanen International, the wristwatch branding company behind such brands as Guess and Nautica, brought their latest license, Marc Ecko watches for the first time to Basel DKNY Dior…

Basel World 2006

The BaselWorld Opening Press Conference Another Year, Another Basel World. We’re currently at Basel, Switzerland covering the watch world’s annual pilgrimage to the Swiss Mecca of Watches – Basel World 2006. Over the next 24 hours we will be posting images and news from the exhibition so stay tuned.

Motofwrd Watch

Put together a nationwide competition where you ask emerging innovators to depict the future of seamless mobility, and you are bound to have a scenario or two where the wristwatch retains its mantle as the interface of choice. Take the MOTOFWRD competition for example, one of their finalist enteries involves a swiss army equivalent gadget that combines your phone, GPS system, credit card and pda into one special inteface that combines a specially-equipped glasses and a wristwatch. (Read in Detail (PDF)) Judges include our own weblog celeb, Cory Doctorow. related links Motofwrd Official Website

Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve

The Main Event Each year, for the last five years, an international jury of watch experts from all walks of the industry gather together and select the year’s best in 10 categories from a short-listed collection of timepieces by the world’s most prestigious watchmakers. Prix de ‘L’Aiguille d’Or’ (Winner) : Vacheron Constantin, Tour de l’lle This year, Vacheron Constantin took top prize for their Tour de l’lle which sold for a record $1.5 million in an auction this year. This was the most ever paid for a wristwatch. The other winners were: