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Future Wristwatch technology will sense your movement

Microsoft has developed an exciting new technology called SideSight that allows you to control a device with touch screen like gestures without the need of a touch screen surface. This is made possible via tiny optical sensors that interpret your finger movements near the device. According to the team behind the project, touch screen can be impractical on wristwatches or other devices because there isn’t enough screen real estate and even if cases where the device is large enough to make it practical, the interacting fingers cover up parts of the display thus making it harder to see the results…

Samsung Tech Watches?

An article about the Symbian Smart Phone Show mentioned that Ho-Soo Lee, executive vice president of mobile solutions at Samsung, demonstrated his company’s concept of what some future mobile devices might look like and was quoted to have said: “Wearable devices resembling a wristwatch with a flexible display could monitor the user’s heart rate and body temperature, but still be capable of displaying real-time video content”   related links Symbian woos developers for move to open source Smart Phone Show 08: Samsung’s Future

Atomic Pen may lead to Wristwatch Computer

An Osaka University research team has demonstrated an “atomic pen” that can inscribe nano-sized text on metal by manipulating individual atoms on the surface. The writing (The letter Si) took about an hour and a half to complete and was done at room temperature. The completed text is roughly 40,000 times smaller than the width of the average human hair. The ability to incorporate individual atoms into a surface could lead to a variety of advances in atomic scale technology including building computers the size of wristwatches. related links ‘Atomic pen’ writes with individual atoms