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November 11, 2010

No-nonsense Elegance




Touch screen, elegant tilt display, vibration alarm, the Mutewatch (No spaces) is no-nonsense understated elegance for the iphone generation – it has a gesture based navigation where you swipe horizontal to scroll between timer, clock and alarm functions. To delete an alarm you’ve set – just pinch it and it will be erased.

I hope this watch (priced at 199 Euros) turns to be as good as it sounds when it comes out.

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November 10, 2010

The watch with the many faces





Usually when I see a concept wristwatch like Igor Chak’s “Watch oNe”, I dismiss it as vaporware because production costs and the required manufactured quantity to create an experimental e-ink display watch at this point in time can be discouraging. However, this one is ‘chalked’ up for a March 2011 release.

The Watch oNe is the watch of the near future – It’s a watch where you can change the display on it according to your mood, sync new ones via a usb interface and download or create your own display. You can also upload it to an online store for others to purchase.

The physical watch can also be customized – straps, colors, materials. The watch uses an E-ink display with a back lit LED and comes with a usb port. The watch is set for a release in March 2011 and will be priced at USD 350.


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November 5, 2009

The Hundred Watch




The 0Hundred watch is designed by Car industry veterans Nicholas DiLoreto and Kort Neumann. It’s a concept watch and judging by the date wheel on the watch, this is definately would need a custom mechanical movement. There is no information available whether they intend to develop this into a finished product.

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October 25, 2009

Time Sharing Watch



A watch is not only used by a wearer to tell time but to tell others as well. Design studio Maezm’s new concept watch makes that practice of sharing even more convenient by changing the placement of the watch display by 90 degrees so you can share more easily. You can achieve the same result with the ‘Skew’ by Ross Mcbride (link)

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October 20, 2009

Breaking the Mould


Sol by Shin Azumi

Untrod is a mysterious project (Mysterious because I couldn’t find a link for it anywhere) that collaborates with international designers on various project themes. Coincidently the first theme is about watches.

For the project, designers were asked to investigate the possibility of bringing new meanings to the conventional form of a watch. Below are some of the design concepts and I hope to dig up all of them:

The Sol, pictured above, is a solar powered watch that features the cell technology on the face instead of disguising it. (I’ve done a similar design myself minus the solar technology part)


Ororon by Fumie Shibata

The Ororon does a simple improvement. The strap on this watch fastens on the case itself. Unfortunately, they didn’t work around the problem of adjusting it for different wrists thus rendering it obsolete commercially.


Analarm By Industrial Facility

I like the name of this one – It’s called the Analarm and it’s by industrial facility (They previous did a watch for Seiko Instruments – See link). The watch is inspired by the alarm clock with the exception that the sound is replaced by a vibrator that indicates when the alarm is activated. I like how it sets the alarm – You have to keep the alarm button pressed while moving the hands to the desired time and then release the button. Simple.


Skew by Ross Mcbride


Madokadoke by Ross Mcbride


Duo by Ross Mcbride

The last three are all done by Ross Mcbride who incidently runs his own little wristwatch brand called ‘Normal’. The first one is called the Skew. It allows the wearer to adjust the case so it can be adjusted to your ideal viewing angle.

The second one is the most impressive. It’s called the Madokadoke and it is a bracelet that camouflages the buttons and the presence of the watch except when the digits appear to tell you the time. This concept has been done before by Hiranao Tsuboi but it was definately not as sexy in it’s execution.

Finally, the last one is called the Duo. It’s a dual time watch where the crown is concealed under a silicon flap.

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June 26, 2009

Aural Pleasure


The Pulsograph (Video Presentation)

Spent a truckload on your mechanical wristwatch and have a burning desire to display it the way it deserves? Design firm Dietlin has something for you – It’s called the Pulsograph and it not only displays your watch but it enhances the mechanical sound of the watch for your aural pleasure (see video). The Pulsograph is currently a prototype.

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June 9, 2009

The real AnaDigi watch


The Post-it watch only receives email and has an acid-etched glass on top which allows the user to scribble notes on the surface. This is the first wristwatch to combine an analog interface (pen/pencil) with a digital one.

Designed by Industrial Facility for Seiko and selected for the 1999 Industrial Design Yearbook. I think this was always meant to be a prototype.

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January 15, 2009

Some more wristwatch concepts


Tima – E-paper watch

I recently came across some wristwatch and personal accessory concepts by Julien Bergignat that were worth noting:



Tact is a wristwatch for the blind. Usually most watches for the blind allows the users to lift the glass of the watch and feel the hands. This can be something ineffective because the users can accidently move the hand with their finger while looking for the time. Julien attempts to solve this problem by using the two disc wristwatch with two tactile markings on it, however, since he added no hour markers, it isn’t really an improvement. Also, he would still need a glass to protect the movement from any dust or water that may seep through the discs.



Marcus is a different type of timing device. It’s a ring that discretely measures the amount of contact a person has with UV rays in order to avoid skin and eye diseases as it only allows you to be aware of how much time you spend under the sun but you can share the data with your doctor.


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December 23, 2008

The Hands Don’t Move

The ‘Watch’ is a concept digital watch by Stas Aki that uses the analog hands as decoration rather than to tell time. The hands remain still, each pointing towards the relevant digital display.

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December 5, 2008

Kissing Cobra Watch

The Kissing Cobra is a concept bracelet watch by Ukrainian designer Andy Kurovetsis. It features two small screens on either end. One indicating hours and the other minutes.

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