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Platinum (link) Offbeat watches and clock spotted at Spring, a design gallery in NY. Target (link) Grandfather Clock (link) related links Spring!

Saw off your own Clock

Time telling products have always leveraged their production process as part of their storytelling in order to add an emotional value. Maria and Piotr from Gogo borrow this age old meme with a fresh approach – they made multiple clocks in a single length of raw pinewood with the intention of involving the customer in the process by making them hack their item from the log thus creating their personal touch and hopefully, some emotion attachment to the item.

Clock inspired by Movie Prop

Designer Mac Funamizu’s ‘Touch n Know The Time’ clock has triangles on the side of the shell that move so you can tell whether you have time left to sleep before the alarm rings. If they are close, you have to get out of bed real soon and if they are far apart, you have lots of time left. The clock was inspired by the alien bomb countdown in the movie “Independence Day”. related links Yanko: Moving Clock makes your eyes pop

The Clock with no hands or numbers

In a bid to make timekeeping ‘interesting’, Inventor John Taylor has created a £1m mechanical clock called the “Time Eator” that has no hands or numbers. It features a giant grasshopper and has 60 slits cut on its face from where a light shows the time. The Grasshopper is more than just a decoration. It moves around the clock, each step marking a second. Every time it moves, it triggers a blue flashing light that travels across the face until it stops at the current hour and minute. The clock is only accurate once every five minutes. The Grasshopper metaphor…

Candle Clock

A clever candle that marks the approximate time it would take for it to burn down. related links Candle Clock

A Clock and a Stool

Tape Measure Clock Japanese Design collective, N.O.L have a thing for off beat clocks as you can see from the amount of concepts they’ve developed including two where they combined stools with clocks. The first concept is called the Tape Measure Clock that show the current time not only from the front but also from the side. The Dim clock The Dim clock indicates the time with LED behind the fabric. Felt Clock and Stool The Felt Clock and Stool is an unusual combination where the face of the stool can be reused as a clock. The stool…

Time Tuner

Beautiful graphic design influenced Alarm Clock with mp3 player built in by Antrepo4. It comes in three color options – Pure Black, Clean White, Strong Metal. related links Antrepo4a2591 blog (via Mocoloco)

More Clocks

Aitkenhead Clock Designer Ross McBride has always had this thing for clocks even though he isn’t from the watch and clock industry. Most of his work usually remains in the concept stage even though he has launched his own watch brand. In the first of the three concepts, The Aitkenhead Clock features a clockface where the hour hand keeps time from the clock’s center while the minute hand orbits around. The minute hand is actually fixed to the surface which rotates. The Sinking Clock The Sinking Clock that appears to be lodged into your desk or your floor depending on…

Cone Clock

Cone Clock is an interesting student project where instead of a typical clock that consists of a box with a graphical time scale at the front, the clock is reduced to only an hour hand, and any flatsurface becomes the face. According to the project designer, the clock is meant to be personal and subjective. related links Oscar Diaz

Sundial Picnic Table

Furniture Designers Fowler & Company have created an etched sundial picnic table. The table offers seating for up to 24 people and lets you know when its time for lunch. related links Fowler and Co.