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More Toys for the Boys

MB&F knows who their customers are. They make ambitious mechanical watches that never fail to evoke wonder. They operate a gallery that highlights mechanical art from other fields. So, it would not be a stretch to predict how they would celebrate their first decade in the business.


Color Clock

Color is a powerful sensory aphrodisiac and this wall-clock complements the passing of time with color. As the time rolls through the day, the color window rotates through the full spectrum of colors, giving the clock an additional ambient interface.

Rotation and Revolution Clock

A concept only award winning design by Fuquan Junze. The bowl-like clock comes with two sets of lamps – 12 big lamps represent hours, 60 small lamps for minutes. Simple enough. Fuquan is currently looking for a manufacturer to produce it. related links Oil Monkey (via Ian Claridge)

Ikepod Hour Glass

Ikepod continues to pursue the collector’s market with its new hour glass by designer Marc Newson. The clock is a feat of engineering made using borosilicate glass and millions of stainless steel nanoballs. Borosilicate is a specialized and unusually durable type of glass. It is used in laboratories and aerospace applications because it is able to withstand high pressure and weight loads. Each of the hour glass pieces are blown individually by a glass blower based in Basel Switzerland (where else?) related links Ikepod

Smash proof clocks

Imagine a clock that you can smash all you want and it won’t break. Keep Imagining because that clock doesn’t exist. However, Matthias Lange here, has come up with a prototype called ‘Smash’ that not only takes a beating but encourages you to by making it part of its interface. You have to punch it to stop it ringing. related links Matthias Lange

Bead Clock

Thorunn Arnadottir’s bead clock is a necklace where each bead represents 5 minutes. The orange and red beads represent hours. As the wheel on which it rests, turns, one bead falls off thus counting the passing of time. To tell the time, one has to count the beads and to help with that, Thorunn has a silver bead for midnight and a golden one for noon. According to Thorunn, his prototype’s goal was to create a more ‘emotional’ perception of time and to take it further, you could express your freedom from time by removing the beads from the wheel,…

Shake to Wake

The Minute Glass ia concept clock that requires no batteries or current. It wakes you up to your favorite radio station but it won’t shut off until you’ve shaken it until it has enough energy for it to wake you up the next day. With no snooze button, this really makes you to wake up. related links:

Fan Clock

Stanislav Katz’s Elegant Fan Clock unfolds between the hour and the minute hand.

Digilog Clock

An Analog/Digital clock from Pinto showcased at the recent Tokyo design week. related links Pinto Design (viaDesignboom)

Hour Glass Clock

A clock shaped like a hour glass. The Red indicator line shows hours (bottom) and minutes (top). related links Kikkerland