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Bottle inspired Minimalism

Bottle is a not your typical minimal wristwatch by Nava, that is inspired by the typical beer bottle – It’s glass has raised nodules that are similar to ones found on the bottom of a glass beverage bottle. Industrial Facility, the design team behind the watch, noticed that there were often exactly sixty of these…

A typography watch

I’ve seen the H. Moser & Cie watch before and I came across it again this year and I must say that even though this is a simple pared down watch, there is something to be said for the typography of its logo because it certainly makes the watch. At least for me. What do you think? related links H. Moser and Cie


Tagheuer Baselworld 2014

For Baselworld 2014, Tagheuer updated its line-up and released a new version of the Monaco V4 Tourbillon. For those who remain uninitiated, The Monaco is a tourbillon mechanical watch that you uses belts instead of gears. The first series in this range was sold in gold, platinum and titanium and now in black titanium coating.…

Hermes Baselworld 2013

I personally love this. For this one, Hermes dipped into their past – back in 1912, when Jacqueline Hermès, fourth generation of the family was a child, she received from her father, Emile, a pocket watch with a clever system that holds it in place on a leather strap. It was made especially for her because she could not wear a watch at that young age nor carry one. Cut to Baselworld 2013, the brand is issuing a tribute to it with a release of 24 pieces of the pocket watch complete with the leather holder. related links Hermes

Hautlence Baselworld 2013

All new for Baselworld 2013 from Hautlence – Destination is a self-winding watch that offers a more sub-dued version of the kind of watches the brand usually makes. The watch features a 12-hour dragging dual time-zone display, revealed by a 24-hour day/night indicator. related links Hautlence

Burberry Baselworld 2013

The Britain – Automatic 38mm (BBY1600) The Britain – Automatic 43mm (BBY1201) The Britain – Limited Edition The Britain Burberry goes back to the drawing board with their new introduction and introduces a new classic slash modern hybrid called the Britain. The range features four special edition self winding automatic styles and also chronograph, three hand styles in quartz. Plus additional sizes aimed at ladies. related links Burberry

Bulgari at Baselworld 2013

Buglari introduced it’s first grand complication watch for women during Baselworld 2013 – The Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari timepiece combines two of Bulgari’s mastered art forms: jewellery and miniature painting with a self-winding tourbillon movement that boasts a power reserve of 64 hours. related links Bulgari

Blancpain Baselworld 2013

2322-3631-55B- Le Brassus, Tourbillon Carrousel, calendar, power reserve up to 168 hours. Self winding movement. 2358-3631-55B For Baselworld 2013, Blancpain launched another world first complication, a women mechanical chronograph and a diver’s his and her collection. The most notable from the introductions is the complication, where Blancpain combined the tourbillon and the carrousel. These are two devices added to a mechanical movement to reduce the effects of gravity on it’s accuracy. For the first time, both of these time regulators are combined in a single watch by Blancpain, though it isn’t clear whether having two different regulators actually is an…

Baselworld 2013: Breguet

BREGUET REINE DE NAPLES “DAY/NIGHT” 8998 The Breguet Reine De Naples is a beautiful diamond studded ladies mechanical wristwatch that features two dials. The day and night are marked on the upper dial with the Breguet balance-wheel representing the sun, and the moon engraved on a titanium disc, rotating together in 24 hours. Hours and minutes are on the lower dial. It also has 143 diamonds and a power reserve of 57 hours. related links Breguet

New Tagheuer at Baselworld 2013

CARRERA Cal. 36 Chrono “Racing” (43mm) For Baselworld, TAG Heuer has updated their motor inspired Carrera range with four new models. For those not in the know, Carrera remains the standard-bearer of TAG Heuer’s motorsports pedigree that began with the first car dashboard chronograph all the way back in 1911. CARRERA Cal. 36 Chrono (43mm) CARRERA Cal.16 Chrono (41mm) CARRERA Cal. 8 GMT (39mm) related links Tagheuer