More Toys for the Boys

MB&F knows who their customers are. They make ambitious mechanical watches that never fail to evoke wonder. They operate a gallery that highlights mechanical art from other fields. So, it would not be a stretch to predict how they would celebrate their first decade in the business.

In this case, its a collaboration with L’Epée 1839 – Switzerland’s only specialised high-end clock manufacture who helped engineer and craft two objects for MB&F.

The first is a kinetic robot that doubles as an impeccably finished, 480-component mechanical table clock. Christening this roboclock as ‘Melchior’ – after a traditional forename in his family – Max Büsser, the founder, developed the concept with designer Xin Wang, selecting a high-end L’Epée clock movement and reimagining it as the mechanical head and torso of a robot.

Jumping hours and sweeping minutes on Melchior’s chest are displayed via discs bearing MB&F’s signature numerals – with pointers incorporated into the breastplate – while a dial on Melchior’s abdomen is the power reserve indicator.

The clock lasts 40 days which for mechanical table clocks is a lot. Keep in mind, most of them last eight. This is achieved thanks to five main spring barrels.


Starfleet Machine

The second is the Starfleet Machine which is a spaceship-cum-table clock with the same power capacity.

Hours and minutes are indicated on the central black dome by hand-polished hands that follow the dome’s curved contours. Behind that, a smaller rotating dome, accompanied by a revolving radar dish, provides an intuitive view of remaining energy.

Below 12 o’clock on the central hour-minute dome are the double retrograde seconds in the form of turret-mounted laser cannons.



Finally, there’s one lone update to their wristwatch line-up: A final edition to their Megawind wristwatch. It’s not clear what that means. It’s supposed to the closing model in the HM3 series which could mean that there would be no more made.


The HM3 Megawind Final Edition

For this Final Edition, MB&F has called on the latest high-performance Super-LumiNova available on the market today: GL C3 Grade A. This is not only the brightest but also the purest form of the luminescent material, recognisable by its typical green hue; while Super-LumiNova comes in many colours, the active pigments are always green and other colours partially mask the green glow.


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  1. 480 components. Can’t imagine that hellish nightmare of putting it together. You can tell where these crazy price tags come from. This has to take some skill.

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