A footnote from Apple’s past

On the eve of Apple’s launch of its first smart watch and with its shadow looming over this year’s Baselworld, there was a rather curious footnote tucked away somewhere in hall 2.2. A rather cheeky press release lured down the rabbit hole baiting you with the headline – “Smart Design instead of Smart Watch”.

It was another wristwatch – The Rana by Stowa, a rather forgettable mechanical wristwatch that would cost you over a $4000 USD, with the only noteworthy feature being that its been designed by Hartmut Esslinger – the German designer that Steve Jobs lured to california to develop for Apple.

Hartmut went on to found Frog design (The frog logo is also present in the back), which remains one of the prominent industrial design firms in the world and remains known for Apple’s formative design language from the eighties.




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  1. It’s weird how i’m really not a fan of the front dial of this watch, however looking at the rear casing. It’s gorgeous. Why oh why couldn’t the dial be sexier.

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