The future of wristwatches

If there is anyone who is a symbol for how the trends in technology are set to affect the wristwatch industry, it’s Scott Wilson. He’s a former Nike wristwatch designer that first came on to our radar during a keynote address at a Wristwatch industry conference in Hong Kong in 2008. Back then, he was well known for the Nike Presto series and the Oregon Series Watch Collection, associated with Lance Armstrong’s career in cycling.


At that particular conference in 2008, he had expressed his desire to remain active in the industry by developing watches under his own design brand, MNML and to possibly work with a luxury brand to design a classic wristwatch. That didn’t happen. In 2009, he surfaced with Uncommon, a crowd-sourcing customization service which allowed you to create custom phone covers. He hinted that he would bring this service to wristwatches. But instead, in 2010, he became the poster child for crowd-funding, with his successfully funded Apple Ipod Nano wristwatch accessory that allowed you to wear the nano on your wrist as a smartwatch. It was a pretty big deal because it kickstarted the dawn of wearable technology and he was even featured in an Apple Keynote address.

This year, he’s finally revealed a wristwatch collection that is the sum of all the experiences and trends in wrist technology and design. It’s called the LYNK collection and it piggy-backs on his success with his crowd-funding label, Lunatik. The collection features three models. One targeted at health users, the second on feature driven techies and the the third on the casual user and is a direct inspiration from his nano wristwatch accessory.

The first one is called Lynk and it’s an improved version of the original Ipod Nano kit.



The second is Lynk Pulse which is a probably the first fashion driven heart rate sensor. It gives you real time cardio and heart rate feedback.


The third is Lynk Vapor which is a more elegant version. Details are sparse and release dates are currently unknown but you should expect these soon.


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