Bottle inspired Minimalism

Bottle is a not your typical minimal wristwatch by Nava, that is inspired by the typical beer bottle – It’s glass has raised nodules that are similar to ones found on the bottom of a glass beverage bottle.


Industrial Facility, the design team behind the watch, noticed that there were often exactly sixty of these nodules on the bottle. Their function was to avoid suction between the bottle a table surface. This observation obviously made a direct correlation to the units of timekeeping and replicating those nodules creates a strikingly iridescent appearance when light hits its face at different angles.


Its colors also continue with the inspiration by only referencing those colors that are found in typical glass bottles – brown ale, green wine, clear spirit and blue water.


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  1. i actually like this piece, which im surprised about haha. Im not one for the silicon-styled bands and watches, but im really digging the minimalistic approach to this watch

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