Raising the IQ of your Rolex

Given the incoming waves of smart wristwatches, it isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine a more tech friendly wristwatch connoisseur tempted to retire his luxury wristlet for something more connected, right?

What? Blasphemy, I hear you say? Well, let me stop you right there because here’s when I put up a small brushed aluminium gadget named Glance on the table.

Let me explain.

Glance is a somewhat less elegant but a solution nevertheless. It allows you to add a second screen to your watch by latching underneath your strap or watch band so you get to maintain your personal style though I’m not sure how comfortable it is to wear.



And like most smart devices angling for the wrist space, it can tell you who is calling, helps you find your phone, enables motion control and activity tracking.

One of the more novel uses includes the ability to use it as an air mouse and it’s a crowd funded project so at the time of writing this, you could make sure it sees the light of day. In fact, one of the stretch goals include the addition of a microphone and speaker.


It comes in three sizes to match your strap size and as expected, connects with both iOS and android devices. It also comes with a watch strap in case you never wore a watch in the first place.

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